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Monday, November 28, 2005
If your children happen to enjoy Louis Rukeyser...

After a mysterious, lengthy Brando-like hiatus from the world, Michael J. Nelson is back with a couple of new offerings at the section of his web site with the titillating (and for the most part accurate) title Other Things. The time off must have done him good, as Mike is in rare form with a look at how Harper Collins is retouching history as well as his long-awaited "in-depth" review of Dr. Doolittle II:

He brings the bear into the forest to meet Ava and though he is smitten, she thinks he's a geek, no doubt because she suspects he juggles. Now, in order to convince the she-bear that Archie is matrimonial timber, he must show her that he's ready to be "wild." This could have been taken care of rather quickly if Archie had simply turned on Murphy, mauled him, consumed a portion of him, then buried the rest for later. (The audience would have cheered as well.) But instead they begin working on him Eliza Doolittle style (no relation).

Unlike Eliza Doolittle, however, converting Archie to a wild bear involves a lot, I mean a lot, of talk about his bowel movements. Now, I enjoy poop talk as much as the next guy (which I assume is not at all) but when the bear eats too much ice cream, starts to suffer extreme gastric distress and says about a restaurant toilet, "It's not gonna be big enough!" well, I start to regret my last meal. And when Murphy himself says, "I have to give my sphincter a little pep talk," I begin to regret that I ever ate anything, ever. Later, when Murphy describes in nearly subatomic detail how the bear has to eat hair and moss to plug up his, um, digestive system, I begin to wonder if I'll stop vomiting during the current administration or sometime in the middle of the next.

If you like what you read there, you'll definitely want to tune in this Saturday to the Northern Alliance Radio Network Show (noon to 3pm streamed live on the 'net) when Mike will join us in the third hour. If you have a question for Mike or just want to talk about why he sucks, give us a call.


Friday, October 28, 2005
Conservative Crackup?

Tune in to the Northern Alliance Radio Network tomorrow and catch comedian Brad Stine in the second hour. Brad lays claim to the title "America's conservative comedian":

He's an educated, cerebral comic who is also a proud, patriotic conservative. "Modern comedy is full of acts who are pushing the envelope of society," Stine says. "But those who use comedy for social commentary tend to be liberal. I represent something different, something I think is more in line with most of America."


The Real Legacy of Paul Wellstone

Last Saturday, on the Northern Alliance Radio Network, we discussed the cult of personality surrounding the late Senator Paul Wellstone, which seems to continue to grow stronger as each year passes since his death in a 2002 airplane crash. We questioned whether the reverence, bordering on worship, that is now shown for Wellstone matches his record of accomplishment (or lack of) as a United States Senator.

Last night, while watching a documentary on the man called...

wait for it...

you know it's coming...

what else would it be but...

Wellstone!, on a local PBS station, I discovered something heretofore unknown to me that Senator Wellstone had indeed accomplished during his twelve plus years in the Senate. Way back in 1991, Wellstone helped stop passage of the Bush (41) energy bill:

His first year in office, he led a coalition in 1991 to defeat an energy bill that would have opened Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife refuge to oil drilling.

Not only that, but the bill would also have sought to expand nuclear energy in the United States by encouraging companies to build more plants.

More domestic oil supplies and nuclear energy? That wouldn't come in handy at all now, would it?

The next time you're opening your wallet to shell out two-fitty a gallon for gas or experiencing shell shock after opening your heating bill this winter, you may want to pause for a moment and remember the man who helped make it possible.


(By the way, at the end of the documentary, the kids at Wellstone Elementary School can be heard singing the school song, "I Go To Wellstone." They're not bad, but I prefer the NARN version myself.)

SP adds: James Phillips writes in with his thoughts on the Wellstone hymn:

Thanks for the fine rendition of the Wellstone School song last Saturday on NARN. You will be happy to know that the chorus is still in my head (I go to Wellstone, my school is Wellstone, . . . .) and won't stop.

Question. Who of two dead people had a greater impact on Minnesota? Wellstone! or Herb Brooks? I'm inclined to think that other than the beatification by the DFL'ers, in real terms, Herbie has had a greater impact. But no cult of personality has arisen. What Would Herb Brooks Do? What a great idea for a bumper sticker.

The Elder Adds--Steve e-mails to wonder if Wellstone will become bigger than Jesus:

The Dead Kennedys (don't tell JB a solid-right conservative mentioned them to you) once wondered "Will Elvis take the place of Jesus in 1000 years?" Might we not ask the same about Wellstone!?

Wonder if there's any value to calling Wellstone! the liberal Jesus. Ya think?

There's no doubt in my mind that if the current trends continue, this is where the Wellstone hero worship is heading. We already have camps, schools, civic centers, and memorials for Wellstone. Can the Church of Wellstone be far behind?


Tuesday, October 18, 2005
Education Myths II

This Saturday, we will welcome Marcus Winters, contributor to Education Myths : What Special-Interest Groups Want You to Believe About Our Schools and Why it Isn't So, to the Northern Alliance Radio Network show. The books lists eighteen education myths and, to warm up for the appearance, I'm going to post three a day through Saturday. Here's four through six:

The Class Size Myth--"Schools should reduce class sizes; small classes would produce big improvements."

The Certification Myth--"Certified or more experienced teachers are substantially more effective."

The Teacher Pay Myth--"Teachers are badly underpaid."

Stay tuned for more throughout the week.

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Monday, October 17, 2005
Education Myths I

This Saturday, we will welcome Marcus Winters, contributor to Education Myths : What Special-Interest Groups Want You to Believe About Our Schools and Why it Isn't So, to the Northern Alliance Radio Network show. The books lists eighteen education myths and, to warm up for the appearance, I'm going to post three a day through Saturday. Here's the first three:

The Money Myth--"Schools perform poorly because they need more money."

The Special Ed Myth--"Special education programs burden public schools, hindering their academic performance."

The Myth of Helplessness--"Social problems like poverty cause students to fail; schools are helpless to prevent it."

Stay tuned for more throughout the week.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005
We're Coming To Your Town, We'll Knock Your Buildings Down

I'm presently immersed in Annie Jacobsen's new book, Terror in the Skies: Why 9/11 Could Happen Again. You may recall that Jacobsen created quite a stir in the 'sphere last July with her account of a harrowing encounter with a band of Syrian musicians aboard Northwest Flight 327. The book recounts the events that Jacobsen witnessed unfold on the flight (backed up by other passengers), the follow up (or lack of) investigations of the affair by federal officials, and similar stories of suspicious in-flight activity submitted to Jacobsen by other travelers and airline employees.

Whether what happened on flight 327 was a dry run (or "probe") for a future terrorist attack or merely Jacobsen misinterpreting the activities of the band members has not been conclusively proven, although those who were quick to explain away her initial claims might do well to address the further information that she has uncovered since the flight, which is documented in the book.

This Saturday at 1pm, the Arab-American Anti Discrimination Committee willing, we will be interviewing Annie on The Northern Alliance Radio Network. Tune in, listen up, and call in if you have a question for the author.


Friday, September 16, 2005
Reaching Through The Darkness

After a long absence (State Fair broadcasts, travel commitments, etc.), Saint Paul and I will back in the sprawling AM1280 The Patriot studios for this week's edition of The Northern Alliance Radio Network. Let's hope they've got that annoying ear wax buildup cleaned off the headphones. He might be a great financial planner, but Josh Arnold could use a little more organization on the personal hygiene front.

We are delighted to welcome cartoonist, Chris Muir to the show in the second hour (1pm central). Chris is the creator of Day By Day, which is without a doubt the most topical, timely, and witty comic strip in the land (yes Atomizer, it's even better than Cathy).

Tune in on The Patriot this Saturday from 12pm-3pm if you live in the Twin Cities or listen to the live internet stream here.


Thursday, August 18, 2005
Off We Go...

This Saturday, Michael Yon, who is doing some truly incredible war reporting in Iraq, will be a guest on the financial scandal free Northern Alliance Radio Network. Michael will be appearing at 1pm central time. If you don't live within easy listening range of the mighty AM1280 transmitters, fear not. You can catch all the action live via the web stream.

Even though Saint Paul and I (often referred to as the Tango & Cash of the NARN) will not be available this weekend, it should be a great show.


Tuesday, August 16, 2005
Hard Truths

This Saturday on the NARN broadcast, we discussed Cindy Sheehan and her vigil outside of President Bush's compound in Texas. My colleagues were united in saying the President agreeing to meet with her would be pointless. The spectacle would only be enflamed by succumbing to her politically motivated demands.

I, the lone voice of brave dissent, made the point that Bush should probably meet with the woman, if for no other reason to undercut the publicity storm she's brewed up with her ghoulish enablers in the media. Our beloved W. is an adult, an intelligent man with truth on his side. He should respect this woman's position, take her questions and answer them thoughtfully and maybe do some persuading of her and the country.

Truth be told, I hadn't followed the Sheehan case very closely. I skim read the media reports, knew her thumbnail bio, and that was enough to inform my dissent. And now, upon further review, I must admit, I was wrong.

One of the few lessons I've learned in this life as irrefutable truth is that there is no good to be achieved in arguing with crazy people. Craziness, which can be defined more broadly than actual mental illness, to include consuming, obsessive passion that causes a degradation of logic and reasonable adherence to factual argument.

May God bless Cindy Sheehan and the sacrifice her family has given for this country's defense, but she fits this definition. Her words, as reported by James Taranto:

I'm gonna tell them, "You get that evil maniac [the president] out here, cuz a Gold Star Mother, somebody who's blood is on his hands, has some questions for him."

You tell me the truth. You tell me that my son died for oil. You tell me that my son died to make your friends rich. You tell me my son died to spread the cancer of Pax Americana, imperialism in the Middle East. You tell me that, you don't tell me my son died for freedom and democracy.

Cuz, we're not freer. You're taking away our freedoms. The Iraqi people aren't freer, they're much worse off than before you meddled in their country.

You get America out of Iraq, you get Israel out of Palestine

Holy Moses. Christopher Hitchens has more on Sheehan's political analysis, calling it "sinister piffle." And he's right in that characterization, no matter how sympathetic the bearer of that piffle is. Which is why the President of the United States has no business giving credence to this ranting, malevolent rhetoric. Meeting with her would be the equivalent of giving an official audience to the likes Michael Moore or the Daily Kos, serving no purpose other than amplifying the grotesque political theater of these destructive fools.

So, in regard to my first hour commentary last Saturday, never mind. As usual, King Banaian, John Hinderaker, and Mitch Berg were right (extremely right). And this time, they were also correct.

I have to believe many of Sheehan's supporters have a similar basis for testimony as I originally did. That is, the skim review of sympathetic mainstream reports. With alternate information streams now filling in the gaps, hopefully a broader picture of the antics down in Crawford will be revealed to the masses. If not, and ignorance continues to guide public opinion and embolden her sponsors and advocates, the sad exploitation of vulnerable Cindy Sheehan will continue. Which wouldn't be surpsing. Ignorance and exploitation are the stuff media sensations are made of.


Wednesday, August 10, 2005
Conservatively Speaking

Congratulations go out to our friend Captain Ed Morrissey for his increasing encroachment into the world of mainstream media. His latest advances include getting selected to cover the Justice Sunday II program in Tennessee and also being added to the stellar roster of contributors to the
terrific Weekly Standard.

Not only is Ed nipping at Bill Kristol's heels in the world of punditry, he's fast breathing down the neck of Billy Crystal. Yes, the LIVE wit and wisdom of Captain Ed is now available via the Premiere Speakers Bureau.

Skimming through the ranks of other talent available through Premiere, I see another close personal friend of mine. No, not Kim Alexis--our relationship is probaby best described as "friendly acquaintances." Instead, I speak of John Hinderaker from Power Line, now available for your bar mitzvah or Gap grand opening for a mere $5,000. Some have questioned the value of Time Magazine's Blogger of the Year award. Now we have an answer: $2,000, the marginal rate of increase over Captain Ed's fee.

And both seemed to be woefully undepriced, at least according to Premiere standards for other talent. For example, Don Pryor, aka The World's Worst Waiter. His price $3,000.

Apparently Don does an interactive bit where he drops plates, stumbles into wedding cakes, and interrupts the real speakers scheduled to address your event. With hilarious consequences. For example:

[the speaker] begins by telling a joke at the end of which Don (from the banquet hall floor) yells out his punch line! The speaker then tries again with another joke whose punch line is stolen by Don!

If we ever lose John or Ed to the speaking circuit permanently, this guy sounds like he might fit right in on Northern Alliance Radio.

Or for $2,500 you can get Shellie Warren. She's a self-described: "Post abortive author and national speaker on sexual identity and misuse." Plus I understand she's a really lousy waiter.

Or, for that same price of $2,500, you could get eating disorder specialist and author Constance Rhodes. Who's dinner presentation seems to be a natural to be repeatedly interrupted by a lousy waiter.

Or for $7,500, you could get Rabbi Bob Alper and Ahmed Ahmed. Their act is described as:

One Arab. One Jew. Two Very Funny Guys.

Which, coincidentally, was the tag line for the Northern Alliance Radio Network, before JB Doubtless and Scott Johnson left the show.

In any regard, we salute the success of both Hinderaker and Morrissey. And we pass along this good news to all the radio listening public. You can hear both of these gentlemen for FREE on the Northern Alliance Radio Network every single week. Yes, every Saturday from 12 - 3 PM on AM1280 the Patriot, it's $8,000 of pure listening enjoyment. When you deduct the opportunity cost for the time spent listening to the utterances of Mitch Berg and Chad the Elder, you're still like 4 grand ahead. What a bargain! And we'll see you Saturday.


Tuesday, August 02, 2005
Puppet Show and Northern Alliance Radio Network

A belated thanks to the mad dogs and Eden Prairieans who went out into the midday sun to celebrate all things AM1280 last Saturday at the Patriot Picnic at Starring Lake Park. Actually, as this picture shows, most of the 500 in attendance were wise enough to stay out of the sun and instead stayed in the shade up by the free chow (compliments of the Patriot and Three Brothers Catering).

On the positive side, the smattering of fans venturing down into the amphitheater seats did allow us sweltering on the stage below the impression we were recreating the Themeland Park jazz odyssey scene from This is Spinal Tap. As Captain Ed Morrissey excitedly remarked before we started the broadcast:

We're not going about to do a free-form jazz exploration in front of a festival crowd!

Oh, yes. Yes, we were.

For more reviews of the festivities, check out these fine blogging outlets:

Power Line

Captain's Quarters

Kennedy vs. The Machine

Freedom Dogs


Northern Alliance Wannabe

Pink Monkeybird


Tuesday, July 19, 2005
Saturday in the park, I know it is the 30th of July

(UPDATE: Still plenty of time to make your reservations)

Regular listeners of local talk radio titan AM 1280 - The Patriot are probably already well aware of the station's upcoming Patriot Picnic, but in case you haven't heard yet here are all the details:

FREE Patriot Frisbee to first 300 listeners! FREE lunch provided at 11:30AM!(while supplies last)

Join AM1280 The Patriot on Saturday, July 30th for a Patriot Picnic! The Patriot Picnic will take place at Staring Lake Park of Eden Prairie. In appreciation of you loyalty to AM1280, this is a free event! There will be a LIVE broadcast, a picnic lunch, Patriot merchandise and giveaways. Please let us know if you're coming so we can plan our picnic lunch. Call 651-289-4455 or click here to pre-register.

The LIVE broadcast will feature smokin' David Strom on the recently expanded Taxpayers League Live Show (now with 50% more chortling) from 9am until noon with The Northern Alliance Radio Network following up from noon until 3pm. It should be a great day for food, fun, frolic, and FREE Frisbees.

Frisbees that will no doubt come in handy at the nine-hole championship Frolf course at Staring Lake Park. Frolf being Frisbee golf or "disc golf" as devotees of the sport (like Saint Paul) prefer to call it. Frolf in the park with the TPL and the NARN? It really don't get much better.

If you need directions to Staring Lake Park you can find them here.


Monday, June 27, 2005
Bad Name, Great Cause

This Saturday, the The Northern Alliance Radio Network will be broadcasting live from the White Bear Lake Superstore. I believe that this will be your last chance to catch the NARN at the WBLSS this summer. There'll be food, fast cars, and fireworks to celebrate the Fourth of July weekend.

And representatives from Operation Minnesota Nice will be on hand to collect items to send to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. A list of goods needed is available here. Stop by the store, load up a bag for the troops, and drop it off at the Super Store on Saturday. Or, if you can't make it out there, you can donate to Operation Minnesota Nice here. For more information on Operation Minnesota Nice, check out this story from the Strib.


Saturday, May 28, 2005
Glacial Pace In The Information Age

The contest between the Northern Alliance Radio Network and Hugh Hewitt to see who could get their new site design completed sooner is over. And I'm proud to say that we kicked Hugh's butt.

Yes, it's only taken us about six months to redesign the NARN site, while Hugh's promised "new look" still is likely nowhere near completion. Boston had the "Big Dig." Hugh has his "Slog Blog." Anyway, you can check out the new NARN site here. If you have any comments or suggestions, drop us a line and we'll update the site as appropriate. Look for those changes to be complete sometime in early 2006.


Friday, May 06, 2005
gonna have myself a time

This Saturday the Northern Alliance Radio Network will once again be broadcasting live from the White Bear Lake Superstore. If you live in the Twin Cities and want a behind the scenes glimpse into the magic of live radio or would like to meet the NARN crew or are in the market for a new ride, come on up to White Bear Lake, stop by the Super Store, and say hi.

We'll be joined in the second hour by the ubiquitous Brian Anderson, author of South Park Conservatives : The Revolt Against Liberal Media Bias. Brian has been all over the media in the last few weeks (including being interviewed by our good friend Scott Johnson at Power Line) and we're excited to welcome him to the show.

I read South Park Conservatives on the flight to San Diego a few weeks ago and it's easy to see why the book is attracting so much attention. Hopefully I'll be able to share some further thoughts on it later today.

Meanwhile, if you've read the book, are currently reading it, or just have an interest in the subjects of new media and the growing popularity of conservatism among young people, give us a call during the second hour on Saturday. Noon to 3pm. Listen to the stream here.


Saturday, April 09, 2005
A Show About Something

It's a gorgeous day here in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. A great day to get outside and enjoy the outdoors, catch up on some work around the house, and listen to the Northern Alliance Radio Network from noon 'til three.

In the first hour we'll find out if Captain Ed is headed to the Yukon Gulag and review the week in news.

In the second hour we'll be joined by Jerome Corsi, author of Atomic Iran.

And in the third hour we'll get a report from Vox Day on the latest news on Italian soccer.

Yeah right. Vox will provide us with a perspective on the Pope's funeral and the latest talk about who will be the next guy to don the funny hat.


Saturday, April 02, 2005
Today on the Northern Alliance Radio Network

Hour 1: Week in review, featured commentary on all the week's big, big stories. Including, perhaps (we never know for sure what we're talking about until the mics go live), my favorite story of the week, John Hinderaker's continued debunking of the ridiculous "GOP Taking Points Memo" used so successfully by the likes of ABC News and the Washington post to smear Republicans during the legislative effort to save the life of Terri Schiavo. John may have been bumped from CNN's Reliable Sources on Sunday, but his place on NARN is secure (pending Mitch Berg's desire to further delve into his discussion on the merits of Kraft's Cheeseasaurus Rex.)

Hour 2: Craig Shirley, author of the terrific "Reagan's Revolution: The Untold Story of the Campaign That Started It All". Description, by Amazon:

The campaign for the 1976 Republican presidential nomination is the only political race that Ronald Reagan ever lost. Ironically, that defeat to Gerald Ford "changed the conservative movement, the Republican Party, America, and eventually the world," writes Craig Shirley in Reagan's Revolution. Further, the campaign "marked the point when conservatives took over the Republican Party and changed its message and its ideology."

Reagan's views on such issues as tax cuts, aggressive anti-Communism, reductions in government spending, and the use of military power to protect American interests moved from radical ideas to part of the Republican platform after 1976. Tracing Reagan's rise to national power to the concession speech he made at the convention, Shirley explains in great detail how Reagan almost single-handedly took the Republican Party from its "death throes" to its resurgence.

He may have lost the nomination, but he saved the party. Based on interviews with insiders who worked on the campaign and the journalists and pundits who covered it, Reagan's Revolution offers many telling anecdotes and fascinating insights into the race's build-up and conclusion, making it the first book to offer exhaustive coverage of this vital period in Reagan's life.

Hour 3: It's springtime and the minds of the Northern Alliance turn to thoughts of baseball. The Twins' season opener is mere days away and we'll be spending the hour talking all things bat and horsehide with John Bonnes, proprietor of one of the best baseball blogs in the country, Twins Geek. His site has morphed into Twins Territory, which brings together much of the best local baseball writing talent in town and it promises to be the nexus for quality baseball talk all season long.

This week's rotating slate of NARN hosts to include Mitch Berg, John Hinderaker, Captain Ed Morrissey, Chad the Elder and yours truly.

It all happens today, noon to 3 PM, locally on AM 1280 the Patriot (replay Sunday night 9 PM to midnight). And on the web stream, LIVE as it occurs, then reruns streaming continuously throughout the week. Don't you dare miss it!


Friday, April 01, 2005
The Spirit of '76

Tune in to the Northern Alliance Radio Network tomorrow to catch Craig Shirley, author of Reagan's Revolution: The Untold Story of the Campaign That Started It All. Craig will be joining us in the second hour to discuss the 1976 primary battle between Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford and why it had such a dramatic impact on politics and history.


Saturday, March 12, 2005
NARN Retrospective

Today marks the first anniversary of the Northern Alliance Radio Network debut and we're celebrating in style. Join us from noon until 3pm for the first ever Northern Alliance Radio Network Anniversary Show Spectacular (NARNASS).

We'll be looking back at the momentous year in radio, reliving some of our favorite precious moments from the show, and bringing on a galaxy of special guests to share their stories of what the first year of the NARN has meant to them. You'll laugh, you'll cry, but most of all you'll warmly recall your fondest memories of a year that has forever changed the face of radio in the Twin Cities. This promises to be a very special episode of the NARN and families are encouraged to listen to the show together.


Saturday, February 26, 2005
Got Your Tape & It Changed My Mind

Today on the Northern Alliance Radio Network, Jake Slichter, drummer from Semisonic, one of my favorite bands, will be joining us in the third hour. Jake is also the author of an excellent book on the music business, So You Wanna Be a Rock & Roll Star: How I Machine-Gunned a Roomful of Record Executives and Other True Tales from a Drummer's Life. Tune in at 2pm central time to catch all the fun.


Saturday, February 19, 2005
Paw Me

Cool cars, intelligent radio, and free 'za. Does it get any better? Head over to the White Bear Lake Superstore today to catch the Northern Alliance Radio Network live from noon 'til 3pm. You'll find great deals on cars and trucks, prize giveaways, and free Green Mill pizza. You'll also have a chance to meet the man behind the voice that's been electrifying Patriot listeners for years.

That's right folks, WBLSS's President Paul Rubin will be on hand to share some of the magic that's made him a legend among radio advertisers in the Twin Cities. All the women want to talk with him; all the men want to talk like him.

White Bear Lake Super Store is located on Highway 61, north of 694. Look for the big bear paw.


Wednesday, February 09, 2005
Media Matters

Once again the Northern Alliance Radio Network will be filling in for Hugh Hewitt on his nationally syndicated talk show. Tonight, it will be Mitch, Ed, and King behind the mikes.

KARE 11 will also broadcast a story on local bloggers on the 10pm news tonight, featuring the boys at Power Line as well as some footage of the NARN in action.


Monday, February 07, 2005
Kings Of Small Media

Tomorrow night, Saint Paul and I will be joining Mitch Berg as Fraters Libertas Radio the Northern Alliance Radio Network once again fills in for Hugh Hewitt on his nationally syndicated talk show. Check your local listings for show times.

On Wednesday night, local television news station KARE 11 will have a story on local bloggers, featuring the boys at Power Line as well as some footage of the NARN in action. Set your TIVOs now.

UPDATE: The KARE story will air on the 10pm news.


Monday, January 31, 2005
Radio Without Borders

The Northern Alliance Radio Network, the first radio show in the history of broadcasting, inspired by, hosted by, and continuously driven by blog authors and readers ... has gotten into the blogging business.

Actually, the show has always had a blog, but it's never been exploited to its full potential. Specifically, its ability to extend the conversation for the further enlightenment of all. Believe it or not, time constraints and the capricious dictates of the surly gatekeepers (that's us) need not dictate the ebb and flow of ideas and discussion. Instead, we're going to encourage that it keeps going, as long it takes to satiate everyone's curiosity and interest level.

This past week's interview subjects are both featured on strings up on the NARN site now:

The case of Ahmad al-Qloushi, the Kuwaiti exchange student given a failing grade and a diagnosis of mental illness by his college professor, for submitting an essay in support of the principles of the Founding Fathers.

And Ryan Pacyga, a local attorney spearheading the movement to fight the state government's plan to impose smoking bans on all Minnesota bars and restaurants, submits his further ideas on the issue.

If you heard the show (or even if you didn't), click on over, read more, and jump in on the conversation.

And if you have ideas for anything else NARN-related, be sure to drop us an email or something pithy in the comments section. Direct feedback is a rare thing in the broadcasting business, therefore it's likely that your thoughts will be taken seriously far beyond their proportional (and maybe their qualitative) significance.


Friday, January 28, 2005
Rocket from the Crypt

The great John Hinderaker, regarding his interview on the Al Franken Show:

I can say without hesitation that it was the stupidest interview I have ever been involved in.

And this coming from a guy who had to sit through Chad the Elder's interview with Santa Claus on Northern Alliance Radio a few weeks back.

For far less stupid radio, don't forget tomorrow, noon to 3 PM, the Northern Alliance Radio Network This week's decidedly non-stupid interviews include Ahmad Al-Qloushi, described by the Washington Times as:

a Kuwaiti student at a college in California, who was told by a professor that he should seek psychological help - for appreciating and admiring America's legacy!

And Ryan Pacyga, described by Mitch Berg as:

Ryan Pacyga, attorney working against the smoking ban.

Mr. Pacyga is also a featured performer in the newest fusion of jurisprudence and entertainment in the Twin Cities:

Lawyers on Ice

Yes, things really get desperate in these parts during an NHL lockout.

It all happens tomorrow, noon to 3PM, locally on AM1280 the Patriot and worldwide, ceaselessly streaming on the Web here. I can honestly state, it would behoove you not to miss it!


Friday, December 10, 2004
Too Much Fun

Thanks to all those who called or e-mailed with kind words on the Northern Alliance Radio Network filling in for Hugh Hewitt on Tuesday and Thursday. Special recognition to those bloggers who dialed in last night including David from Infinite Monkeys, Joe from the evangelical outpost, Joshua from View From a Height, and, even though he didn't mention his blog on the air, Doug from Considerettes.

I also want to apologize to any callers from Colorado who wanted to talk about the one year anniversary of Hugh's Snowmobile Adventure. We had a lot to cover last night and weren't able to get to all the calls that we wanted to.

Barbra a.k.a. The Golden Girl who blogs at Girl in Right, did e-mail with her concerns:

Any word on the findings of the 12/13 commission? I hear it's very hush-hush. Apparently the stumbling block is whether to issue snowmobile driver's licenses to residents of sunbelt states. How can that even be a point of debate? I don't know if I'll ever feel safe again.

Michael from Chicago e-mails to nag:

Should I infer that because you're not called Fratres Libertatis that you either flunked or did not study Latin in school (except that awful legal Latin lawyers learn)?

God, I can't believe I wrote that. I sound like a damned school marm.

Yes. You do sounds rather marmish Michael. The truth of the matter is, that despite the fact that I attended years of Catholic school, I never picked up a lick of Latin. When we were looking for a name for a web site that we thought no one would ever be reading, I picked out Fraters and Libertas as individual Latin words and then merged them in an unholy alliance. Since then, we've been reprimanded by folks more marmish than you, that the name is not proper Latin. But with the FL brand firmly established, we can't very well go and change it, can we? Not with eight thousand pair of official Fraters Libertas boxers on order (for those who enjoy writing withering and anonymous social commentary in their underpants).


Thursday, December 09, 2004
More Franken Feed Back

Chris writes in with further comment on the inspired lunacy that is Al Franken:

I am writing in response to your comments yesterday on Al Franken. I know it specifically focused on his Grammy nod, but I felt inclined to add the following:

I occasionally listed to his show to see how far out he and his guests are in regards to everything conservative/Republican and they never disappoint me. That is, when I figure out what he is talking about. Having said that, you are correct in saying the show is bad. It is very bad.

Objectively speaking, he has a terrible radio presence. He CONSTANTLY clears his throat. This is incredibly annoying for the listener. He CONSTANTLY allows for many periods of dead air which I believe is a killer in the radio world. He has a co-host who CONSTANTLY has to step in and bring him back from some rant or to fill in dead air time. I have to assume that senior management of Air America put her in there for these very reasons. Oh, did I mention the constant Um's and Oh's and Ah's that come out of him.

I am a true believer in free market economies and I believe that his presence on radio is indeed limited. NOT because of the subject matter of what he is trying and failing to get across but, because he is simply terrible on the radio.

I hope Chris's faith in Adam Smith isn't shaken with today's news that Franken has been signed to a new 2-year contract, to continue his award winning throat clearing, dead air, and Ums and Ohs. I too am under the general impression that those who suck will eventually be run from the marketplace. And over to NPR. But I guess having a filthy rich guardian angel can do wonders for overcoming market forces. NPR has you, the taxpayer. Radio Air America has:

[Rob] Glaser, New York investment banker Eugene Keilin and other investors have recently committed $13 million in new financing.

How many radio show hosts have ever needed to secure millions in financing in advance before being allowed to continue with their jobs? I guess the same number who have been given $1 million contracts before they ever do their first show. You've got to hand it to Franken though, finding a way to sacrifice himself for a cause and still getting a million dollars. Some guys just have a knack for finding fools and their money.

Those wishing to hear the beautiful song of market forces working in perfect harmony (otherwise known as the grinding sound of rank exploitation) should tune into the Hugh Hewitt Show tonight. Once again, it will be substitute hosted by the feel good hit of the late Fall/early Winter, the Northern Alliance. With 6 or 7 of us in the studio, I can promise you there will be no throat clearing or even a microsecond of dead air. And very few Ums and Ohs. We're more prone to Ers and Ahs and the occasional Harrumph.

Tonight 5 - 8 PM Central. In the Twin Cities on AM1280 the Patriot, and around the nation, on these Love Network Affiliates. Don't you dare miss it.


Wednesday, December 08, 2004
What's Our Vector, Victor?

If you missed the Northern Alliance Radio Network filling in for Hugh Hewitt last night you missed: King and Saint Paul explaining why Bonds being juiced matters, Mitch acquiring that elusive moniker that he's been pining for, Captain Ed's policy of appeasement that involves ceding most of the United States to Mexico, a major announcement about Ralphie boldly going where no bobble head has gone before, and the emergence of a significant new force in American politics: NIPAG (Non Incumbent Political Action Group).

Whew. Talk about fodder for the office water cooler. Don't be left out in the cold again. Tune in Thursday night, when we once again sit in for the host who loves Hostess the mostest. We'll be welcoming Jim Hake from Spirit of America to talk about the Friends of Iraq Blogger Challenge. There's a fighting chance that we might even ask Jim which team he favors more in the challenge.

Poor Fighting Fusileers. They're brave warriors, but they never had a chance against the far reaching power of the Northern Alliance. As Saint Paul said last night, we are the nexus of the alternative media. We sit astride the crossroads of the information highway. We hold the high ground.


Tuesday, December 07, 2004
The Right Stuff

Tune in tonight as the Northern Alliance Radio Network fills the delicate slippers of Hugh Hewitt. Expect an important announcement regarding a future trip that Ralphie is planning.


Friday, November 26, 2004
Red Zone Efficiency

Don't forget to tune in to the Northern Alliance Radio Network tomorrow from noon until 3pm CDT. At 1pm we're going to be joined by Steven Vincent, author of In The Red Zone: A Journey Into The Soul of Iraq.

In The Red Zone is a fascinating look at Iraqi society and ordinary Iraqis. Vincent is a talented writer, who left the hotels of Baghdad behind to try to find out what is really going on in the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people. He has produced an entertaining and thought provoking read, which I highly recommend.


Tuesday, November 16, 2004
In The Zone

Be sure to tune in to the Northern Alliance Radio Network this Saturday. Steven Vincent will be joining us in the second hour to talk about his new book, "In The Red Zone: A Journey Into The Soul of Iraq":

In the Red Zone, an American journalist's account of his daring solo expeditions through post-Saddam Iraq, is a vivid, frank, and unforgettable portrayal of the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people. An eyewitness of the 9/11 attacks, Steven Vincent went to Iraq to experience the daily realities of life and death in the crossfire of the war on terror. His report is essential for understanding America's enemies and allies in the critical but confusing struggle against radical Islam.

Steven Vincent journeyed twice to Iraq, paying his own way, traveling without security or official connections, living by his wits. His four months in the war zone included a foray into the infamous Mosque of Ali in Najaf, a confrontation with Ayatollah Sistani's bodyguards, a brush with death in a Karbala bombing, meetings with assorted Western "peace activists," and run-ins with Iraqi "authorities" who alternately suspected him of being a CIA agent and a terrorist.

Vincent's encounters with doctors and cab drivers, imams and housewives, politicos and poets-and one unforgettable woman in Basra-provided him with special insight into what Iraqis think of their liberation, of America, and of the war. He describes a tormented society whose inhabitants-troubling, infuriating, yet often inspiring-survived the ghoulish dictatorship of Saddam Hussein only to face the death cult of radical Islam.

The war on terror and the war in Iraq, Vincent concludes, are closely connected. Victory in both conflicts requires that we look with a sympathetic but unsparing eye at the Iraqi people and the whole Islamic world.

I cracked In The Red Zone open last night and flew through the first sixty pages. It's an engrossing read as Vincent provides a perspective on Iraq rarely seen in the mainstream media. Vincent was not working for any news organization when he made his two trips to Iraq. He went there on his own and spent his time talking with ordinary Iraqis. He relates their feelings on Saddam, the invasion, America, peace activists, and foreign journalists with understanding and wit. I look forward to polishing off the rest of the book this week and talking with Vincent on Saturday.

You can pick up your copy of In The Red Zone from Spence Publishing at a special discounted rate of only $13.97, which is a heck of a deal.

UPDATE: Vincent has a piece at NRO today on Art & the election:

In truth, anyone who --like me-- has spent time in the company of artists, critics, and dealers knows that, east of Hollywood, a more narrow-minded, parochial, morally myopic lot you're not likely to find. Especially when it comes to politics, where the narcissistically fashionable anti-Bush, anti-Iraq war, anti-American sentiment typical of our "creative class" holds total dominion. Now, if our artists' "activism" produced decent art, we might, I suppose, excuse it as the necessary foibles of a class of people who, like rock-'n'-roll performers, are paid to remain forever adolescent. Unfortunately, given the unrelentingly jejune, cynical, ugly, ill-conceived, and utterly predictable results we see in the galleries, such is not the case.


Friday, November 12, 2004
Where In The World Is The Northern Alliance?

Tonight, substitute hosting for Hugh Hewitt on the appropriately titled Hugh Hewitt Show. Locally heard on 1280 AM, the Patriot, 5 - 8 PM. Nation-wide on this network of fine broadcasting entities.

Tomorrow, hosting the appropriately titled Northern Alliance Radio Network. 12 Noon - 3 PM, on 1280 AM the Patriot (and streaming live on the Web). Rebroadcast, same station, Sunday night from 9 PM - midnight. And (at last word) rebroadcast again from midnight to 2 AM. I realize that's an hour shorter than the full broadcast. So either they lop off the last hour or play the whole thing at an accelerated rate of speed. If you've ever wondered what Alvin and the Chipmunks would sound like rabidly advocating for a Conservative Theocracy to spread across the land, now's your chance to find out.

Also tomorrow evening, the NARN will be appearing at Keegan's Irish Pub, for its gala salute to the military. Leatherneck/publican Terry Keegan will be treating all active duty, reservists, and vets to their first drink free. Also appearing will be a representative from Soldiers' Angels, a nonprofit group ...

dedicated to ensuring that our military know they are loved and supported during and after their deployment into harms way.

So, if you're active duty, a veteran, or just a proud citizen of the USA wishing to honor the service of our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and guardsman, be sure to come on down, it's going to be a terrific event. The action starts about 5 PM and goes until the last Marine stops drinking. Or until the Shore Patrol arrives and carts us all off to the brig.

Folks who may not be regular visitors to the cozy Minneapolis neighborhood surrounding Keegan's, be warned, the city enforces the parking meters until 10 PM. Just a few weeks ago, it was free after 6PM. But the public servants at the Minneapolis City Hall bumped it up to 10PM, without prior warning (and I've got a $30 parking ticket to prove it).

As a public service, let me make all of you aware of another Minneapolis parking meter law that could affect early arrivers:

It is only legal for a vehicle to park at a meter up to for the length of time permitted at that meter. For example, if you're parked at a four-hour meter, it's illegal to re-plug and continue parking at that meter after the four-hour time limit has expired.

No worries though - there's a big, beautiful, and privately-owned parking ramp right behind Keegan's. But needless to say, Keegan's will not be hosting a gala salute to municipal bureaucrats any time soon.


Tuesday, November 02, 2004
Into The Night

In a few moments, my wife and I will be headed out for the evening. We'll be stopping by both the DFL and GOP victory parties and reporting in as part of the Northern Alliance Radio Network live election coverage as events warrant. If I can find a WiFi connection, I may try to squeeze a couple of posts in as well.

The toughest part of the night will be resisting the urge to drink early and often. It's already been a long day. Only eight more hours to go?


Saturday, October 23, 2004
The NARN Light Is On II

If you live in the Twin Cities area and want to get involved in the election campaign, you'll have yet another opportunity TODAY.

Come on down and join the Northern Alliance Radio Network all-star calling squad at the Minnesota Bush/Cheney '04 headquarters in St. Paul. We'll be there from 4pm-6pm helping to get out the vote and we need your help. You'll have a chance to meet the gregarious gents from the show, win a collectors edition NARN t-shirt, and help President Bush take Minnesota.

The address for the headquarters is:
1445 Energy Park Drive St. Paul MN, 55108


Here's a handy map as well.

After the work, we'll be adjourning to a nearby watering hole for bantering and beer. If you're lucky, Mitch may even favor us with a song. "Muskrat Love" perhaps?


Today on Northern Alliance Radio

Another exciting, fascinating Northern Alliance Radio Network broadcast is in the works for today. Hosting this week will be Captain Ed Morrissey, Mitch Berg, Chad the Elder and yours truly, 12 - 3 PM (Central) on 1280AM The Patriot. Those in the hinterlands can catch it all on the stream.

Today's highlight promises to be the second hour, John O'Neil from Swift Vets and POWs for Truth and author of Unfit for Command. The Swift Vets have been in the news a lot during this campaign season, but if you haven't personally heard O'Neil's testimony on the facts of John Kerry's service record, you haven't heard the whole story.

To be clear, the Swift Vets didn't form to merely criticize Kerry's war record, they came about as a response to John Kerry's attempt to use a distorted version of his record to mislead the American people into believing he was some kind of war hero, and not that other guy seen throwing his medals to the ground and calling American soldiers war criminals. The Swift Vets organized to counter John Kerry's attempt to use them, the very people he called war criminals, as a tool of his campaign. On several occasions, Kerry sent out the clarion call for his "band of brothers" to join him. And he's intimated that he has their support. This from his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention:

Our band of brothers doesn't march together because of who we are as veterans, but because of what we learned as soldiers. We fought for this nation because we loved it and we came back with the deep belief that every day is extra.  We may be a little older now, we may be a little grayer, but we still know how to fight for our country.

Indeed they do. And overwhelmingly the Vietnam vets are fighting for their country by opposing the candidacy of John Kerry.

Tune it today and hear for yourself, it's compelling and persuasive stuff. And none of it has been discredited or "unsubstantiated" as the New York Times would have you believe. I particularly invite critics of O'Neil and the Swift Vets to listen and I defy you to call in and prove O'Neil wrong on a single point. And if you don't call in your silence will be interpreted as complete acceptance of the O'Neil thesis.

Northern Alliance Radio, today 12 - 3 PM, don't you dare miss it.


Thursday, October 21, 2004
My Coke For Gin

Tomorrow night, the Northern Alliance Radio Network will once again be filling in for Hugh Hewitt on his nationally syndicated talk radio show. We'll be honoring Hugh's format and trying to stick to the same subjects that have made his show what it is. Expect lots of NASCAR, ice skating, snowmobiling, and USC football talk.

UPDATE: Saint Paul, the maven of the mallards, has just informed me that he wishes the third hour of Hugh's show tomorrow to be set aside for nothing but duck talk.


Wednesday, October 13, 2004
The Party of the People

The social event of the political season takes place tonight at the downtown Minneapolis Hilton. The occasion is the final Presidential debate and AM1280 The Patriot and Wade Financial are good enough to sponsor a free party for all those wishing to enjoy the spectacle in the company of other political sophisticates.

The Hilton is a beautiful facility and it has Wi-Fi. As such, live blogging is encouraged. So if you're in the biz, bring your laptop and join in on what promises to be the Largest Live Gang Blog in World History. Those uncomfortable with the salacious overtones of that title can instead refer to it as the Biggest Circle Journal of All Time. Or the Most Massive Blorgy Since Caligula.

I've witnessed smaller exercises in Live Blogging and I must say it's about as compelling as watching Live Checkbook Reconciliation. But never fear, there will be a cash bar for those wishing to utilize their hands for the higher purpose of hoisting drinks instead of furiously tapping away at the keyboard. And that hoisting group will include me.

Many of the Northern Alliance Radio Network members will be on hand, including Mitch Berg, Captain Ed (you'll recognize him by his ascot), and King Banaian (look for the guy in the crown and cape). If there are microphones available, perhaps we'll have some Political Science Theater 3000 style commentary (with apologies in advance to Mike Nelson and his team of bitter, vicious copyright lawyers).

Tonight, Minneapolis Hilton, 7:30 PM. Be there. For refreshment planning purposes, please leave a message with the Patriot (651-289-4455) and let them know you're coming. We wouldn't want to run out of Funyons and Corn Nuts before John Kerry gets his first chance to redefine his position on Iraq again.


Tuesday, September 14, 2004
Fallen Idol

I'm listening to that mixed up genius Mischke on KSTP, he's talking elections. Some caller was talking about "the hate" of modern politics and claimed it wasn't coming from the Right. Mischke's comment (paraphrasing)- "I've heard Rush Limbaugh, I've heard what goes on on the Patriot. Don't even start to tell me the hate doesn't come from the Right." Then he hung up on the caller and went to commercial.

Hate on the Patriot? You filthy, miserable, wretched SOB, you talkin' to me?

Where does this guy get his information from on what's happening on AM1280? A Prairie Home Companion? Star Tribune editorial page headline writers (scroll down)? Either that or Mischke's only listened to the Dwight Rabuse program. I knew our affiliation with him would someday bear bitter fruit.


Monday, September 13, 2004
Taking Our Cuts

Filling in for Prager turned into a bit of a clusterfarg when we lost our connection to the network (I think someone forgot to feed the gerbil) and had to go with a "best of Dennis" for the first hour. It forced us to cram three hours worth of material into two hours of airtime. As a result, some of our best stuff never made the airwaves, and we ended up cutting some of the segments short as well.

Nevertheless, overall I thought it was a decent effort, and we received some favorable feedback from Prager's people. And from a listener:

It was great catching the Northern Alliance during my brief lunch hour today. You sound much taller on the radio than on the Internet.

Taller? And here I thought that we were considered the "shrieking midgets of talk radio."

Speaking of shrieking radio, here's a new blog that promises a look behind the mike of a nationally syndicated talk radio show. Bring the dirt Duane. Bring the dirt.


Called Up To The Bigs

For a day at least. The Northern Alliance Radio Network is honored to have been asked to fill in for talk radio host extraordinaire Dennis Prager today. We will be doing our humble best to fill Dennis' large intellectual shoes from 11am-2pm CST. Tune in if you have a chance. Better yet, call in and join the fun.

We'll be trying to stick to the standard Prager format as much as possible, but of course we'll be adding our own special touches as well. You definitely won't want to miss the "Malaise Hour".


Friday, September 10, 2004
A Little Of 'Dis and 'Dat

Another new blog inspired by Herr Hugh takes root in San Diego. Check out Stones Cry Out.

And be sure to check out tomorrow's NARN show from noon until 3pm (live locally on AM1280 The Patriot or via the internet stream). We'll have John Fund on in the second hour and a couple of very well known bloggers in the third.

There is also a rumor that the NARN will once again be taking the national stage next week. Tune in Saturday for all the details.


Monday, August 23, 2004
Throwing Down the Gauntlet

I'm not sure if I've ever seen someone personally attacked in the Star Tribune the way the Powerline guys were on Sunday. In an editorial by Star Tribune editorial staff member Jim Boyd, the distinguished John Hinderaker and Scott Johnson are referred to as frauds, smear artists, and immoral slime throwers. In addition, there are contemptuous of democracy, unintelligent, and surrogates of the Bush machine.

He went on to say they were "freelance racists, hobby cops, misanthropic frat boys, lizardskin cigar monkeys, jerktown romeos, and ninja dittoheads..."

Actually that last part is Garrison Keillor's description of Republicans in general. But I'm sure in Jim Boyd's eyes, these terms equally apply to the Powerline duo. And these assertions are no less absurd than the invective aimed at our Northern Alliance colleagues.

As this election season progresses, I think weere going to have to get used to the fact that this is how Democrats respond to any substantive issue that threatens them - with childish name calling and hysterics . But, as I heard John O'Neill say to an interviewer this weekend, 'you know you're not over the target unless you're receiving some flack.'

The gents from Powerline have responded to Boyd and have invited him to debate these issues face-to-face, LIVE during an upcoming Northern Alliance Radio broadcast from the Minnesota State Fair. Since Boyd referred to them as frauds, I think he owes it to them to show up. It's what any professional journalist, and frankly what any real man, would be compelled to do.

Jim Boyd's professional credibility is on the line with this one, not to mention the institutional reputation of his employer, the Star Tribune. Are they interested in substantive debate on the issues, to the benefit of all Minnesota voters? Or are they only interested in hit-and-run-and-hide cheap shots? We shall see.

Along with Powerline, we encourage you to email the responsible parties at the Star Tribune, Jim Boyd and editorial section editor Eric Ringham.

Let them know your feelings on Boyd's piece and how interested you are in hearing a full debate on this issue at the Fair.

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Saturday, August 21, 2004
Northern Alliance Radio Network

Big, big doings on the Northern Alliance Radio Network this afternoon:

Hour 1 - Kerry in Cambodia/Swift Boat Veterans for Truth Talk. A lively discussion featuring two of the blogosphere's superstars of reporting on this issue, Ed Morrissey of Captain's Quarters and either John Hinderaker or Scott Johnson of Powerline (it doesn't matter which, they're interchangeably stellar).

Hour 2 - You've seen her on Fox News. You've read her on World Net Daily, National Review Online, the New York Post, and on her blog. And now she's all ours for one full hour. It's sexy right wing interment diva Michelle Malkin. She'll be talking about her new book and commenting on all the hot issues in the news. (Including what jerks Chris Matthews and Keith Olberman are.)

Hour 3 - featuring the Great Right Hope of Twin Cities. Yes, a genuinely conservative (he'd say classically liberal) voice in a Twin Cities newspaper. It's Craig Westover, the new editorial contributor to the Pioneer Press. We'll be talking about bias in the media, his path from letter to the editor writer to a by-lined media insider, and about the REAL story behind Mitch Berg's quixotic, inspiring run as the Libertarian Party's endorsed candidate for State Treasurer a few years back.

It all happens today, from 12 - 3 PM (Central). In the Twin Cities you can hear it on AM1280, the Patriot. Worldwide, catch it on the Web - link on the right hand side of this Web page. (Web stream made possible by the fine folks at the Taxpayers League.)

So clear your schedule, mow that lawn tomorrow, tune in, kick back, and enjoy. It's going to be WILD!


Wednesday, August 04, 2004
The Alliance Spreads

In the car heading to lunch today I flipped over to KSTP to hear what hijinx was taking place on their mid-morning show. As most disappointed locals know, KSTP no longer broadcasts Rush's first hour live. Instead, they've chosen to run with the remaining holdovers of the old morning zoo show "Babs and the Boys". The last boys standing are Ron Rosenbaum and Mark O'Connell, and they've been upgraded to headlining host positions.

But today Rosenbaum was out, and much to my surprise, substituting for him was none other than David Strom. Yes, that David Strom, hero of the middle class, Executive Director of the Tax Payers League and host of Taxpayers League Live (9 - 11 AM on 1280 AM, the Patriot). Due to my luncheon obligations, I only heard a few minutes of the show, but enough to hear O'Connell refer to Strom as "the substitute schmuck". Good natured as the remark may have been, I think some Saturday morning Strom needs to get O'Connell down to the dank, subterranean Patriot studios so he can repay the favor.

Northern Alliance/Patriot infestation of the mainstream media seems to be getting more and more common. Just this past Sunday evening, I clicked on the tube and began a run of my 50 or so "favorite" presets on the remote, only to be stopped in my tracks at the unlikely location of Channel 17. That's PBS-2, locally. It's normally a venue for Hmong language teen age public affairs programming and Lawrence Welk reruns. (It's on my preset favorites just for The Charlie Rose show, I swear). But this Sunday none other than Scott "The Big Trunk" Johnson from Powerline and Northern Alliance Radio appeared on screen. He was discussing the importance of the Lawrence Welk show with a bunch of Hmong teenagers. It was good stuff, though I found Scott's Hmong a little hard to understand, given his thick North Dakota accent.

Actually .... he was on a program called "Equal Justice: Fact or Fiction" which was a recording of a continuing legal education seminar held earlier in the month. Scott was making the persuasive case that perceived racial inequality in traffic stop and arrest statistics are not primarily the product of institutional racism. Scott did a great job and had his rhetorical opponent, Tom Johnson of the left wing Council for Crime and Justice, on his heels throughout the debate.

I don't see any indication on Channel 17 of a rebroadcast of this show, so it may be lost to history. We'll try to promote future mainstream media appearances by NARN/Patriot personalities in advance, so we all can be properly infotained. Next one most likely will be the Elder's appearance on FM107. He's very close to finishing negotiations on a co-hosting gig for My Sister's Garden with Alecia and Starla. Just wait until you hear his controversial opinions on ficus. Local radio will never be the same again.


Sunday, August 01, 2004
Grillin', Millin' and Chillin' With the Northern Alliance

Yesterday marked the debut remote broadcast for the Northern Alliance Radio Network at the Estates of Diamond Bluff, just south of Prescott, Wisconsin. The affair was a rousing success, although I had my doubts about how it might turn out when my wife and I encountered what could have been a bad omen on the way to the event.

But everything went as planned and a good time was had by all. The development features spectacular views of the Mississippi River and the setting was idyllic.

Broadcasting in the great outdoors before a live audience was a lot of fun. You can see the Big Trunk (right) and Hindrocket (middle) from Powerline enjoying themselves as King from SCSU Scholars holds forth on why the Twins are a much superior team to the Red Sox.

Promotions director, babysitter for the "talent", and flipper of frankfurters? Renaissance man, Jay Larson gets to "verk".

Mitch enjoys the handiwork of Jay's efforts. And you thought only Al Franken ate his lunch on the air.

And of course what event would be complete without that rascally Ralphie? Here he hooks up with Taxpayers League honcho David Strom and his wife. The Taxpayers League is responsible for our internet streaming and we owe David and his group a big thanks for making that happen.

More photos available at Plastic Hallway.


Friday, July 30, 2004
The Bluffs Are Alive

With the sound of streaming. Or at least they will be tomorrow from noon until 3pm when the Northern Alliance Radio Network hosts the first annual Patriot Picnic at the picturesque Estates of Diamond Bluff. If you live in the Twin Cities area and would like to partake of an afternoon of food, fun, and free-wheeling talk radio frivolity come on down and join us. Here are directions to the Estates of Diamond Bluff. You don't want to miss this one. I hear that Hindrocket from Power Line grills up about the best damn weenie this side of Sheboygan.

If you aren't lucky enough to be able to attend the affair in person or pick up the powerful Patriot radio signal, you still can catch a piece of some of this summer's hottest action. Yes, at long last the NARN has its internet stream up and running. Simply click on this link and you'll be connected to the best talk radio show exclusively featuring a group of bloggers in the land. And for those of you pathetic losers devoted fans who just can't get enough of the NARN, you will now be able to listen to replays of all NARN broadcasts over the streaming feed in the week following the show.


Saturday, July 17, 2004
All You Gotta Do Is Call...

And we'll be there.

WHEN: TODAY 3:00pm-5:00pm

WHERE: Bush/Cheney Campaign Headquarters
1445 Energy Park Drive,
St. Paul
(651) 645-5614

WHAT: "Celebrity" Phone Bank With The Northern Alliance

Yes, the vaunted Northern Alliance (or at least Mitch Berg, Captain Ed, and myself) will be joining forces with the local Bush/Cheney folks to make some calls on behalf of the campaign as part of the W-ROCKS program designed to target undecided voters. We'll be leaving the sprawling AM-1280 The Patriot broadcasting compound in Eagan immediately after this week's NARN show, and cruising to St. Paul to lend a hand (and stretch the definition of the word "celebrity" to the breaking point).

The dirty little secret of politics is that it's the dirty little jobs like this that often make the critical difference. We would LOVE to have anyone interested in helping the cause join us for a couple of hours and we strongly encourage our readers and listeners in the Twin Cities area to come on down. The more the merrier.

Please let Mitch, Ed, or me know via e-mail if you plan on showing up. Thanks for your support.


Friday, July 16, 2004
Party People, Just Announced

Update on the July 24 bloggers mixer at Keegans.  Just announced, the beautiful and talented Jesse Green will be there. 
Yes, it's been confirmed.  She will be in our conversations.  Bill Tuomala and I will be discussing her for at least several minutes during the course of the evening.  If you'd like to join the conversation, RSVP now to 
party -at- northerallianceradio - dot - com
The guest list is rapidly filling up with the best and brightest of amateur Internet editorialists from across the ideological spectrum and across the greater 13 county metro area (and beyond). 
And if you're reading this, we want YOU  to join the fun.  Don't miss your chance to get in.  Sign up today and avoid the painful regrets invariably caused by indecision and awful life choices.


Wednesday, July 14, 2004
Odd Or Appropriate?

Hindrocket from Power Line was staying at the same hotel in Milwaukee as President Bush last night:

Also, the hotel clerk warned me that there would be dogs on the premises, so I should be sure not to have any drugs in my possession. (A rather odd warning to give a respectable, middle-aged lawyer, I thought.)

Having worked alongside John on the Northern Alliance Radio Show for some time now, I gotta give the hotel clerk credit for her due diligence. It's the respectable, middle-aged lawyers that you really need to keep an eye on believe you me. Don't even get me started on the stories of the Jekyll and Hyde-like transformation of Scott "The Big Trunk" Johnson that take place each and every Saturday afternoon.


Monday, July 12, 2004
You Are Cordially Invited .....

An announcement from the Northern Alliance Social Committee:

If you're a blogger in Minnesota (or anywhere within driving distance of the Twin Cities), we really should get together sometime.

There are a lot of cool people writing blogs - or even just reading them - in the Upper Midwest, and we should definitely try to meet sometime. So the Northern Alliance is throwing a shindig - a non-political, ecumenical one - for bloggers in the area, and we'd like all you bloggers to be there!

Here's the deal: We'd like to meet at Keegan's Irish Pub in Northeast Minneapolis, on Saturday, July 24, at 5PM. We'd like to spend a few hours hanging out, meeting other bloggers, and just having some fun. Cash bar? The whole place IS a cash bar!
By the way - this is not a "Northern Alliance" event, just a random social thing.

Interested in being there? We'd love to get a headcount. Please drop us a line at party *at* northernallianceradio *dot* com
Tell us who you are and what blog you write, if any. We'll send the details right back.

Hope to see you all there! Oh - and spread the word among any other bloggers you know!

The Whole Northern Alliance


Wednesday, July 07, 2004
Calling Our Bluff

Will Saint Paul show up in his underwear to deliver withering social commentary?

Will Atomizer drunkenly stumble into the barbeque and suffer yet another alcohol related injury?

Will JB Doubtless bite the head off a live chicken?

Will I be doing my award winning Pee Wee Herman impersonation?

There's only one way to find out. Come out to the Estates of Diamond Bluff on Saturday July 31st from noon until 3:00pm to catch a live broadcast of the Northern Alliance Radio Network. You can check out the beautiful home sites, enjoy lunch, and win hard to come by official AM-1280 The Patriot merchandise. And you'll hear about an upcoming Patriot promotion where the station is promising to "give away something huge."

My guess is that the prize has to be an autographed pair of Hugh's Dockers.


Thursday, June 24, 2004
Prima Donna Alert

Sports writer Jeff Pearlman, of Sports Illustrated, had this to say about the nature of sports talk radio:

It started in Baltimore. Or was it Nashville? I am unsure because, quite frankly, my brain has morphed into a bowl of watery mashed potatoes. That's understandable because over the past six weeks I have exposed it to a toxic influence a million times more potent than crack, LSD, Twinkie goo and Menudo combined.

I should not complain. It was my idea to write a book, and I knew I'd have to promote the damn thing. But when the PR department at HarperCollins presented me with a list of, oh, 80 sports-talk radio interviews, the impending doom made me crank up Hall & Oates real loud. To any scribe with half a brain, sports talk radio is Satan's spawn. It's the home to people nicknamed Mad Dog and Boss and Big Boy; men who believe communication is a synonym for "Scream your head off at the guy from Urbana who thinks the Cubs could actually trade Glendon Rusch for Albert Pujols." Talk radio is generally logic-free. There is little reporting involved. Sports talk hosts usually open the morning newspaper to get their information then pass it on.

Oh, talk radio hosts aren't working hard enough for him? Harsh criticism coming from a sports writer, a profession employing some of the laziest human beings on Earth (Soucheray, Barreiro, Sansevere).

His main complaint is that radio hosts don't read his book before having him on. I can understand his frustration with that a little bit. It would be nice for the interviewer to be familiar enough with the subject matter to ask good questions. (For an example of proper technique, listen to Powerline's Scott Johnson and his insightful interviews with authors every Saturday at 1:00 PM on Northern Alliance Radio, broadcast on AM 1280, the Patriot).

But jeez Louise, this Pearlman thinks so highly of himself (he's a "scribe with half a brain") and demands such rapt attention to his work, yet his book is a historical account of ..... the 1986 New York Mets. Subtitle of his book:

A Season of Brawling, Boozing, Bimbo-chasing, and Championship Baseball with Straw, Doc, Mookie, Nails, The Kid, and the Rest of the 1986 Mets

Cold reality check--outside of those living in Queens, nobody in their right mind (which, come to think of it, excludes those living in Queens) has any interest in reading about this boring, meaningless topic. Not even talk radio hosts want to read it. And the only thing that proves about their intelligence is that they have some.

As opposed to the typical NARN featured author (prominent writers, attempting to educate or influence policy), obscure authors writing fluff about pop culture are lucky to get on the radio at all. Pearlman's attempting to sell a product, nothing more. Any station that puts him on is doing him a favor. Given his ingratitude, it's a favor that will not be extended by 1280 AM any time soon. (With this ban, there goes his sales in the greater Eagan metropolitan area. Take that Pearlman!)

This week's featured NARN author interview will be Karl Zinsmeister. He's the author of the modern military classic "Boots on the Ground: A Month With The 82nd Airborne In The Battle For Iraq" and most recently "Dawn over Baghdad: How the U.S. Military Is Using Bullets and Ballots to Remake Iraq".

So tune in on Saturday, it should be outstanding stuff. Granted, it's not going to be brawling, boozing, and bimbo chasing. But if that's what you're looking for, you can always tune into the Patriot at 11 AM for Rabuse on the Right. (You think you know
boozing, brawling, and bimbo chasing?)

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Saturday, June 12, 2004
The Final Five

The Northern Alliance Logo Contest has reached its final stage. Dozens of entries were submitted, and I must say I was knocked out by the quality of them all. Really, a fantastic job, all. I had no idea that much freelance graphic design talent lurked out there. Frankly, it's a little intimidating. All that professional quality talent working on the visual ID for a group of amateur political analysts on the radio. It just doesn't seem fair. In a perfect world there would be dozens of amateur political analysis radio shows competing for the design talents of each of these people. And somewhere along the line, somebody would be getting paid for something! A crazy dream? Yes! (This is radio we're talking about.)

Back in the real world, we have to deal with the conditions as they are, and that means deciding which entry is best among a slew of wonderful entries. After much acrimonious debate among the Northern Alliance members, we have winnowed the entries down to only five. Five staggering achievements in the world of radio logos. And we're looking for your help in deciding which is the best.

Click on over to the Northern Alliance Radio site , check 'em out, and vote your consciences.

(Of course, I don't want to bias the results in any way. I'm just saying if the sleek, moderne deluxe design by Amy Lopez doesn't win, it will be a crime against humanity.)


Saturday, June 05, 2004
Song Sung Blue

As I write this, I'm looking into my back alley and I spy a certain blue Subaru pulling out of its garage into the alley. Yes it's that same Subaru I magnanimously pushed out of a snow drift last winter. The one sporting the Wellstone! bumper sticker.

Due to the enduring adoration from people like my dear elderly neighbors, the sobering fact is, in St. Paul, the two term senator who never got a majority of the votes in any election (Wellstone!) will always be with us. Locally, he's a religious, cult-like figure, imbued with all the hopes and dreams of the aging, radical 60's generation and their fellow travelers in the modern era.

His brand of controversial far leftism is so worshiped that the city government of the Saintly City even saw fit to name a public elementary school after him and his wife. Right in downtown St. Paul is the Paul and Sheila Wellstone Elementary School. Yes, Wellstone!, perhaps the most ideological divisive figure in the state's political history, and he's being embraced and idolized by the public education system.

This confluence of extreme ideology and tax funded educational indoctrination is abhorrent to your humble correspondent, as I'm sure it is to any right thinking American, no matter their political orientation. The public school system, funded by all of us, by the dictate of the government, is giving tacit endorsement to the philosophy of a violently partisan politician. For shame, St. Paul, for shame!

But I fear there's nothing I can do about at this point. The school has been up and running and indoctrinating all year long. As I mentioned on the third hour of today's Northern Alliance Radio Broadcast (12 - 3 on 1280 AM, The Patriot), since the deed is done perhaps the only thing we can do is look for a way to bring us all together again. And my suggestion for this is the mass singing of the official song of the Paul and Sheila Wellstone Elementary School.

The Northern Alliance Chorus (Captain Ed, Mitch Berg, the Elder and yours truly from Fraters Libertas) let it fly on NA Radio today, with a poignant, heartfelt rendition of the song. Afterwards, Paul from Plymouth, an astute caller, commented that the lyrics sounded like some Maoist or Stalinist ditty from a gulag reeducation seminar. I'm not sure about that, but due to overwhelming popular demand, below I reprint the lyrics, so you too can raise your voice in song and get your frame of mind in sync with the government education system:

The Wellstone School Song


My school is Wellstone
I go to Wellstone
I learn at Wellstone
I grow at Wellstone
My school is Wellstone
I go to Wellstone
And Wellstone is the school for me.

There's a school called Wellstone
That I'm telling you about
I think that it's terrific
Of that there is no doubt.
You can find it in St. Paul
The nicest city in the land
I'd like to tell, all the world
Wellstone school is grand.


Both the teachers and the students
I think are pretty great
We are working hard to be
The finest school in all the state.
We have vision for the future
You can put us to the test
I think Paul and Sheila would agree
We're going to do our best.


We are confident and caring
We are hard working and true
The principal and all the staff
Will work quite hard for you.
Send your children here to Wellstone
Education they'll receive
We'll do our best to teach them all
In that you can believe.

(Chorus, two times or more)

The cult of St. Paul Wellstone, it's not just for liberals any more.


Monday, May 31, 2004
Learning From The Masters

In obvious recognition of the Northern Alliance Radio Network's success, Al Franken has agreed to continue as host of the O'Franken Factor on Air America without collecting a paycheck.

Franken reportedly* said "Hey, if it works for those Northern Alliance guys, I figure it just might work for us. Besides, we're running out of ideas here."

NARN's "involuntary investors" could not be reached for comment.

*No Frankens were interviewed for this story.


Sunday, May 16, 2004
Bright Antennae Bristle With The Energy

Yesterday on the Northern Alliance Radio Show, we were fortunate to have Vox Day, World Net Daily columnist and proprietor of Vox Popoli, and Joe Carter from the evangelical outpost join us to discuss the Abu Ghraib scandal and women in the military. Both gentlemen offered insightful commentary on the subjects and we look forward to future appearances from each of them.

In other show news, the logo contest rolls on. We have received a number of high quality entries so far, but are always looking for more. The contest runs until the end of the month. If you wish to enter simply e-mail your design to any one of the Northern Alliance bloggers.

If all goes as planned, the show will be available for internet streaming in June. Keep your fingers crossed.

Last but not least, Hugh Hewitt, apparently off his meds at the time, has asked us to fill his large, white suede shoes once again. And so on Tuesday May 25th the Northern Alliance will take the con of his nationally syndicated talk show. In addition to Hugh's regular lineup of guests, we'll have one or two special additions of our own.


Monday, May 10, 2004
Eyes On The Prize

Long suffering Jay Larson from AM-1280 The Patriot, fresh off an extravagant junket to Washington D.C., has finally taken his feet off his desk long enough to promise us that the winner of the Northern Alliance Radio Network logo contest will receive a bounty of special Patriot merchandise as part of the prize package. Now if we can just get Hugh to pony up a signed copy of his upcoming book...


Monday, May 03, 2004
The Politics of Punk

In part of the third hour of last week's Northern Alliance Radio Show, JB Doubtless and Mitch Berg debated the merits of punk rock. Mitch claimed that punk paved the way for the pop music revival of the early 80's (which he described as one of the two best periods in pop music since the advent of rock and/or roll), while JB dismissed punk as a musically challenged movement for social outcasts whose main accomplishment was to annoy.

This article from the New York Times, which appeared in today's Star Tribune, with the cute title A Bush Surprise: Fright-wing Support, isn't likely to influence the argument either way, but it does demonstrate that, when it comes to politics, you can't always judge a book by its cover:

With his mohawk, ratty fatigues, assorted chains and tattoos -- swallows on each shoulder, a nautical star on his back and the logo of the Bouncing Souls, a New York City punk band, on his right leg -- 22-year-old Nick Rizzuto is the very picture of counterculture alienation. But it's when he talks politics that Rizzuto sounds like a real radical, for a punk anyway.

Rizzuto is adamantly in favor of lowering taxes and for school vouchers, and against campaign finance laws; his favorite Supreme Court justice is Clarence Thomas; he plans to vote for President Bush in November, and he's hard-core into capitalism.

"Punks will tell me, 'Punk and capitalism don't go together,' " Rizzuto said. "I don't understand where they're coming from. The biggest punk scenes are in capitalist countries like the U.S., Canada and Japan. I haven't heard of any new North Korean punk bands coming out. There's no scene in Iran."

Rizzuto is the founder of Conservative Punk, one of a few Web sites and blogs that have sprung up recently as evidence of a heretofore latent political entity: Republican punks. With names such as GOPunk, Anti-Anti-Flag and Punkvoter Lies, the sites are a curious blend of Karl Rove and Johnny Rotten, preaching personal responsibility and reflexive patriotism with the in-your-face zeal of a mosh pit. When he's not banging his head to the Misfits, the Vandals or the Bouncing Souls, for example, Rizzuto spends his time writing essays denouncing Michael Moore and "left-wing propaganda," and urging other conservative punks to join his cause.

If nothing else the article provides me with a perfect answer when people ask me what Mitch is really like. My standard response will now be, "a curious blend of Karl Rove and Johnny Rotten."


Monday, April 26, 2004
Perfect Day

Saturday I was up bright and early for the first session of Saturday morning hockey. Commencing at 8:45am and lasting for an hour and a half, it's an informal pick up skate that starts in late April and lasts until September. I've probably been doing this for ten years now, and its kickoff has become one of the signs that summer will be shortly upon us.

Then I ran a few errands before heading to the sprawling Am-1280 The Patriot studios for this week's Northern Alliance Radio Show. Did I really hear Mitch describe John Kerry as "so bangable" while driving in? Consider the context people. Consider the context.

It was a real pleasure to have a special guest in studio with us in the third hour.

Ralphie where have you been? And what happened to your glasses?

Of course the real guest of honor was Michael J Nelson, who was gracious enough to share the stage with Ralphie.

The hour with Mike was a blast. He's witty, intelligent, friendly, and very down to earth. He's the real deal and a heckuva nice guy. Until it comes to Al Franken that is. Mike joins the illustrious list of men who have announced their willingness, on the NARN airwaves, to throw down with Franken, the left's resident bully. Previously our own JB Doubtless and Vox Day had challenged Franken to go anywhere, anytime.

For more on Mike's appearance you can read Ed's as it happened rundown at Captain's Quarters.

After the show it was Mass followed by a fine meal at Staccato in downtown Minneapolis and a little highbrow culture. The Minnesota Orchestra performing Nielsen's 3rd along with a variety of Sibelius, including Finlandia.

Finally, the day concluded with a viewing of part of Rock Star on VH-1. Rock Star is a dreadful movie starring Mark Wahlberg and Jennifer Aniston and would be an excellent MST3K candidate if the show were still in existence. Every rock and roll cliche you can imagine is thrown in your face and the heavy metal wigs worn by the band members are the worst cosmetic props I've seen since the ridiculous beards from Gods and Generals. It might not reach the levels of Showgirls or Roadhouse, but it's in the same league.

It turned out to be a perfectly appropriate way to end what was almost a perfect day.


Thursday, April 22, 2004
This Saturday AD

Three words to remember in regard to this Saturday's Northern Alliance Radio Show.

Michael J. Nelson

Okay it's actually a name and not words, but that name alone should be enough to get you to tune in. He's a former star of Mystery Science Theater 3000, author, and arch enemy of leaf blowers everywhere. The complete package.

Visit his web site.

Read his books.

Listen to him in the third hour on Saturday.


Thursday, April 15, 2004
When Dad's Away...

Taking a spin at the wheel of the Hugh Hewitt Show last night was a rollicking good ride. I shared the studio in the first hour with The Big Trunk (Scott Johnson) from Power Line, James Lileks , and Mitch 'Marconi' Berg from Shot In The Dark.

Despite my passionate pleading that we devote all three hours to throwing down on Hugh, we carried on for the most part with the normal show schedule. Wednesday's usual lead off hitter Mark Steyn was unavailable which was disappointing to all of us, in particular James. We did have Steven Hayward on to discuss his new book on Jimmy Carter, and the incomparable Claudia Rosett, who wasn't on a cell phone in the back of a cab for a change. With four hosts in the studio and the guests only on for one segment, it was tough to get a word in edgewise. So I was perfectly content to sit back and let my esteemed colleagues let fly with the questions.

In the second hour Ed from Captain's Quarters took my place at the round table, and I relaxed in the luxurious Patriot Green Room while listening to the broadcast. The facilities are first class with a fully stocked bar, hors d'oeuvres table, leather recliners, a bank of flat screen TVs, and even a vintage 1984 Tempest video arcade game (Mitch insisted on it). And the full time massage therapist on call ain't bad either. Take it from me, Inga's got hands of gold. My only complaint? No Skittlebrau. Sure, they had a bag of Skittles and a six pack, but it just wasn't the same. My rider specifically calls for Skittlebrau and not having it available could have thrown me off my game. Fortunately I am a professional and was able to overcome it. But don't think you've heard the last of this one Jay Larson.

James headed home after the second hour (I think he's got a kid) and I was back in the saddle with Ed, Mitch, and Scott. The third hour was fun and fast paced. At least it was in the studio. We spoke with noted lefty blogger Matthew Yglesias, and engaged in what Scott aptly described as "inside blogball" conversation with him over his recent dust up with Charles Johnson from Little Green Footballs. It may not have been a topic of interest for 90% of Hugh's audience, but it did spur us into a wider discussion on the notion of Islam as a "religion of peace" and stirred things up a bit. Which ain't a bad thing.

John Podhoretz appeared as a guest as well, and he is shaping up to be one of Hugh's best regulars. After John we only had one segment left, and a couple of phone calls later we were done. It was amazing how fast the hour went by. Time does indeed fly when you're having fun.

And it was a helluva lot of fun. Working with Generalissimo Duane was a pleasure. He is a true radio professional and knows his craft well. He also has a tremendous sense of humor and, as often happens on our Saturday show, many of the best lines and much of the best conversation took place off the air during breaks. Best of all Duane played his own bumps, not the musical flotsam and jetsam that Hugh usually subjects his listeners to. Thank you Generalissimo.

Thanks also to Joe Hanson, local producer extraordinaire, to Patrick Campion and Jay Larson from the Patriot who allowed us to use the studio, and to my fellow Northern Alliance brethren, especially Mitch who did a stellar job guiding us through the rocky shoals of radio once again. And thanks to the listeners and callers (BTW where were the Monkeys?) who put up with us for two days. Those of you who live in the Twin Cities area and can't get enough of the Northern Alliance Radio Network should seek counseling immediately. And then tune in to AM-1280 The Patriot on Saturdays from noon until three.

I suppose I should thank the big guy who made it all possible as well. Thanks God.

Oh, you mean Hugh? Well, okay. Thanks Hugh for allowing us to host your show in spite of the risks and peril involved. You can now rest easy again. Here are your keys back Dad. Thanks for letting us drive. That scratch in the passenger side door was already there remember?

By the way...

...when are you going out of town again?


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