Fraters Libertas was first launched as a web site in the spring of 2001 as a forum for two brothers to scribble for posterity. In March 2002, it was converted to a weblog and Saint Paul was brought on board. In the summer of 2003, the recipe for our four-fingered cocktail was perfected with a splash of Atomizer. Add ice, shake well, and serve chilled. 

Currently all of us are living in Minnesota, with three in the Twin Cities and one in the southern portion of the state who tends to move around quite a bit as a result of a pending federal indictment. 

It's true that technically speaking, Fraters Libertas is not proper Latin. Please keep in mind that this is a web site, not a textbook. The name is what it is and we ain't about to change it now because of a couple of pointy-headed linguistic geeks. Get over it Poindexter. 

We are not professional pundits, loquacious lawyers, pontificating professors, or mavens of the media. We are long-time media consumers, cynics, and critics. We're also passionate about politics, history, culture, and sport. We aim to provide an interesting and usually humorous perspective on a wide variety of subjects. If you're looking for lots of links and 24/7 news cycle blogging, this probably is not the place for you. But if you enjoy original writing with a healthy dose of wit, you'll want to bookmark Fraters Libertas now and check back often. 

By day, we're mild-mannered managers, architects, and research analysts. By night, we're loners writing withering social commentary in our underpants. We would prefer that those worlds did not collide. 

For a myriad of reasons we do not allow comments on our site. However, we do attempt to personally respond to each and every e-mail we receive and will post those that we consider noteworthy. We welcome all comments, suggestions, and other feedback, be it positive, negative, or indifferent. If you like what you read, tell a friend. If you don't, tell five. 

All opinions expressed here are ours unless otherwise noted. We are a completely independent operation and receive no funds from any outside groups. We are not part of the vast right wing conspiracy, although if there's a conservative sugar daddy out there looking to buy some influence, we definitely need to talk.