Casa Hogar Misericordia Orphanage

Chihuahua, Mexico

2007 Effort

2005-06 Effort

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2003-2004 Effort

For the past few years we have organized efforts to assist the children at the Casa Hogar Misericoridia Orphanage in Chihuahua, Mexico. The orphanage is located in the rocky countryside about fifteen miles northwest of Chihuahua City. It was founded about ten years ago by Fidel Rubio and his wife Marianna with "only fives pesos between them." Over the years, it has expanded slowly and now houses over eighty children. Fidel is a passionate, visionary man of God who believes that the Lord has ordained him for this mission.

There are six churches in the United States that provide regular support for the orphanage, as well as a number of individuals. Fidel explains that, "God brings them. I never ask them to help, they just show up."

Fidel believes in more than just giving the children a home: he wants to give them a future. He wants to start a furniture building business there. An American church donated tools, and a local carpenter has been coming to teach some of the older boys to be craftsman so that they may someday leave the orphanage with skills that can serve them in life.

He has also constructed a greenhouse, where they are growing tomatoes and wheat. The wheat is used to feed goats which can they be used as a source of milk and meat. The tomatoes are currently being used to feed the children, but eventually Fidel hopes to grow enough so that some could be sold to raise money. He's a big believer in sustainability.

They have a small clinic that Fidel hopes to expand in the future. They take in many children from the mountains around Chihuahua, and many of these kids have communicable illnesses when they arrive. If the clinic were larger, these kids could be quarantined until they were healthier thus limiting the exposure of the rest of the children.

The electrical wiring throughout the orphanage is also in desperate need of updating. We are working on getting a list of the various projects, both short and long term and their estimated costs.

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Thanks again to all of those who generously donated to this cause. I receive a lot of e-mail asking for more information about the orphanage and while I do my best to answer each and every one, I often don't know all the details. If you are curious about anything or wish to know what you could do to help out, they now have an e-mail address:

The only caveat is that you should use Spanish if you want to drop them a note. If possible, get a human translation too, since the internet services often lead to oft amusing and very confusing miscommunication.

If you have any questions about this project please feel free to contact me at:

Thanks in advance for your support.