On Saturday December 13th 2003, nationally syndicated radio talk show host (shock jock) Hugh Hewitt participated in a snowmobile tour in Breckenridge, Colorado that has become the stuff of legend. His three hour tour didn't turn out much better for Hugh than did the journey of the SS Minnow for the castaways. 

For the first time ever we are proud to present the entire gallery of pictures which chronicle Hugh's folly, including a few never before released to the public. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we have. 

I like to call this first one 'Hugh Prepares'. You can see the steely determination on Hugh's face as he laces up his boot to get ready for what will turn out to be a very rocky ride. There is a hint of fear evident as well, as if Hugh has an inkling that he's getting himself into a situation that could prove quite dangerous. He's also probably the only man I've ever known who wears Dockers when snowmobiling. Very shortly, wrinkles would be the least of his worries.