Brewery Name Beer Name Brewed Rating Season Beer of the Week
Kronenbourg 1664 France 13 All Link
Tsingtao 1903 China 8 All  
Magic Hat Brewing  #9 Not Quite Pale Ale  Vermont 13 All Link
Minhas Brewery 1845 Pils Wisconsin 6 Summer  
Leinenkugel's 1888 Bock Wisconsin 13 Spring  
New Belgium Brewing 2 Below Ale  Colorado 15 Winter Link
Goose Island 2009 Bourbon County Stout Illinois 14 Winter  
Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat Illinois 13 Summer  
Left Hand Brewing 400lb Monkey IPA Colorado 14 All  
Four Peaks Brewery 8th Street Ale Arizona 14 All  
Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA Delaware 17 All  
Summit 90/- Scottish Ale Minnesota 16 Fall Link
Greene King Abbot Ale UK 12 All  
Surly Brewing  Abrasive Ale Minnesota 18 All  
North Coast Brewing Acme California IPA California 15 All  
Saranac Adirondack Amber New York 12 All  
Breckenridge Brewing Agave Wheat Colorado 12 Summer  
Three Floyds Alpha King Pale Ale Indiana 14 All  
Summit Alt Minnesota 14 Fall  
Abita Brewing Amber Louisiana  13 All  
Full Sail Amber Oregon  13 All Link
Arcadia Amber Ale Michigan 13 All  
Bells Amber Ale Michigan 15 All  
Fischer Amber Ale France 11 All Link
New Holland Brewing  Amber Ale Michigan 11 All  
Portland Brewing Amber Ale Oregon 15 All  
Rogue Brewing Amber Ale Oregon 14 All  
Point Brewery Amber Classic Wisconsin 11 All  
Dos Equis Amber Lager Mexico 8 All  
Breckenridge Brewing Amber Style Ale Colorado 12 All  
Widmer Brothers Amberier Oregon 15 All  
Budweiser American Ale Missouri 9 All Link
Anchor Brewing Anchor Porter California 10 All  
Anchor Brewing Anchor Steam California 13 All Link
Sierra Nevada Anniversary Ale California 16 All  
Breckenridge Brewing Autumn Ale Colorado 13 Fall  
21st Amendment Brewery Back in Black IPA California 15 All  
Hook and Ladder Brewing Backdraft Brown  Maryland 12 All  
Capital Brewery Bavarian Lager Wisconsin 13 All  
Michelob  Beach Bum Blonde Ale Missouri 9 Summer Link
Flat Earth Brewing Belgian Pale Ale Minnesota 14 All  
Summit Belgian Style Golden Ale Minnesota 15 Fall Link
Blue Moon (Coors) Belgian White Colorado 13 All  
Anderson Valley Belk's ESB California 14 All  
Surly Brewing  Bender Minnesota 14 All  
Bells Best Brown Ale Michigan 15 All Link
Minhas Brewery Billy Bock Wisconsin 9 Spring  
Grand Teton Brewing Co. Bitch's Creek ESB Idaho 15 All  
Surly Brewing  Bitter Brewer Minnesota 13 All  
Two Brothers Bitter End Pale Ale Illinois  13 All  
Saranac Black & Tan New York 10 All  
Gray's Brewing  Black & Tan Ale Wisconsin 10 All  
Mendocino Brewing  Black Hawk Stout California 12 All  
Devil Mountain Black Honey California/Ohio 12 All  
Red Hook Black Hook Porter Washington 12 All  
Magic Hat Brewing  Black Winter Lager Vermont 13 All  
Dixie  Blackened Voodoo Lager Louisiana  10 All  
Schell's Blizzard Ale Minnesota 10 Winter  
Goose Island Blonde Illinois 12 Summer  
Red Hook Blonde Ale Washington 11 Summer  
Labatt Brewing Blue Pilsener  Canada 8 All  
Frederick Brewing Blue Ridge ESB Maryland 10 All  
North Coast Brewing Blue Star Wheat California 14 Summer  
Big Sky Brewing Bobo's Robust Porter Montana 16 All Link
James Page Bock Minnesota 11 Spring  
Schell's Bock Minnesota 9 Spring  
21st Amendment Brewery Brew Free or Die IPA California 15 All  
Hub City Brewing  Brown Ale Iowa 12 All  
James Page Brown Ale Minnesota 12 All  
Newcastle  Brown Ale UK 13 All  
Widmer Brothers Brrr… Seasonal Ale Oregon 12 Winter  
Rogue Brewing Brutal Bitter Oregon 14 All  
Rush River Brewing  Bubblejack IPA Wisconsin 16 All  
Tallgrass Brewing  Buffalo Sweet Stout Kansas 15 All  
Boulevard Brewing Bully Porter Kansas 15 All  
New Holland Brewing  Cabin Fever Brown Ale Michigan 14 Winter  
Two Brothers Cane & Abel Red Rye Ale Illinois  15 All  
Shipwrecked Brewing Captain's Copper Ale Wisconsin 14 All  
Schell's Caramel Bock Minnesota 11 Spring  
Saranac Caramel Porter New York 13 All  
Lakefront Brewery  Cattail Ale Wisconsin 11 All  
Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale California 18 Winter Link
Founders Brewery Centennial IPA Michigan 17 All  
Dos Toros Cerveza Minnesota 7 Summer  
San Miguel Cerveza Negra Philippines 11 All  
Lift Bridge Brewery  Chestnut Hill Minnesota 16 Fall Link
Samuel Adams  Chocolate Bock Massachusetts 15 All Link
Saranac Chocolate Lager New York 13 All  
Bells Christmas Ale Michigan 13 Winter  
Breckenridge Brewing Christmas Ale Colorado 14 Winter  
Goose Island Christmas Ale Illinois 16 Winter  
LaCrosse City Brewery City Lager Wisconsin 6 All  
Leinenkugel's Classic Amber Wisconsin 11 All Link
Surly Brewing  Coffee Bender Minnesota 16 All Link
Lakefront Brewery  Coffee Flavored Stout Wisconsin 14 All  
Rockies Brewing  Cold Hop Ale Colorado 15 All  
Viking Brewing Company Copperhead Ruby Lager Wisconsin 13 All  
New Glarus Brewing  Crack'd Wheat Wisconsin 14 Summer  
LaCrosse City Brewery Cream Ale Wisconsin 8 All  
Little Kings Cream Ale Ohio 5 All  
Sleeman Breweries  Cream Ale Canada 10 All  
Brau Brothers Brewing  Cream Stout Minnesota 16 All  
Leinenkugel's Creamy Dark Wisconsin 9 All  
Dark Horse Brewing Crooked Tree IPA  Michigan 14 All  
Lift Bridge Brewery  Crosscut Pale Ale Minnesota 14 All Link
Big Sky Brewing Crystal Ale  Montana 13 All  
Pyramid Crystal Wheat Ale  Washington 13 Summer  
Flat Earth Brewing Cygnus X-I Porter  Minnesota 16 All  
Surly Brewing  Cynic Minnesota 14 All Link
Widmer Brothers Czech Pilsner Oregon 13 All  
Schell's Dark Minnesota 10 All Link
Bohemia Dark Lager Mexico 13 All Link
Rogue Brewing Dead Guy Ale Oregon 14 All  
Widmer Brothers Deadlift Imperial IPA Oregon 16 All  
Huyghe Brewery Delirium Tremens Belgium 17 All Link
Great Divide Denver Pale Ale Colorado 14 All  
Tyranena Brewing  Dirty Old Man Rye Porter Wisconsin 15 All  
Two Brothers Dog Days Lager Illinois  14 Summer  
Flying Dog Dogtoberfest Maryland 13 Fall Link
Schell's Doppelbock Minnesota 13 Spring  
Red Hook Double Black Stout Washington 15 All  
San Miguel Draft Philippines 7 All  
Bayern Brewing Dragon's Breath Dark Hefe Montana 13 All  
Paulaner Dunkel Hefe Weizen Germany 16 Summer  
Saranac Dunkel Lager New York 13 All  
Milwaukee Brewing  Dunkel Weiss Wisconsin 13 Spring  
Lakefront Brewery  Eastside Dark Lager Wisconsin 13 All  
New Glarus Brewing  Edel Pils Wisconsin 11 All  
Two Brothers Edelweiss Illinois  16 Summer  
Great Lakes Brewing  Edmund Fitzgerald Porter Ohio 15 All  
Pearl Street Brewery  El Hefe Hefeweizen Ale Wisconsin 11 Summer  
Flat Earth Brewing Element 115 Lager Minnesota 12 All  
Avery Brewing Ellies' Brown Ale Colorado 13 All  
Hook and Ladder Brewing Ember Amber Maryland 12 All  
Full Sail ESB Oregon  15 All  
Oasis ESB Colorado 13 All  
Red Hook ESB Washington 14 All  
Sierra Nevada ESB California 15 All  
Summit ESB Minnesota 14 All  
Bridgeport Brewing ESB Ale Oregon 13 All  
Shipyard Brewing  Export Ale Maine 12 All  
Baltika Extra Pale Russia 11 All  
Summit Extra Pale Ale Minnesota 15 All  
Archipelago Brewing  Extra Stout Singapore 14 All  
Mendocino Brewing  Eye of the Hawk Ale California 12 All  
Left Hand Brewing Fade to Black Baltic Porter Colorado 16 Winter  
Abita Brewing Fall Fest Louisiana  12 Fall  
Cerveza Gallo  Famosa Lager Guatemala  9 All  
Lift Bridge Brewery  Farm Girl Saison  Minnesota 14 Summer Link
New Glarus Brewing  Fat Squirrel Nut Brown Ale Wisconsin 11 All  
New Belgium Brewing Fat Tire Amber Ale Colorado 11 All Link
Surly Brewing  Fest  Minnesota 15 Fall Link
LaCrosse City Brewery Fest Bier Wisconsin 7 All  
Dundee Festive Ale New York 13 Winter  
Kona Brewing Company Fire Rock Pale Ale Hawaii 13 All  
Schell's Firebrick Lager Minnesota 11 All  
21st Amendment Brewery Fireside Chat Winter Ale California 13 Winter  
Leinenkugel's Fireside Nut Brown Wisconsin 13 Winter  
Hook and Ladder Brewing Flashpoint Pale Ale Maryland 14 All  
Brau Brothers Brewing  Frame Straightener Minnesota 11 All  
New Holland Brewing  Full Circle Kolsch Michigan 14 Summer  
Blue Moon (Coors) Full Moon Winter Ale Colorado 8 Winter Link
Surly Brewing  Furious Minnesota 17 All  
Flying Dog Garde Dog Biere de Garde Maryland 13 Spring Link
Blu Creek Brewing  German Altbier Wisconsin 14 Fall Link
Schell's German Pale Ale Minnesota 12 All  
Central Waters Brewing Glacial Trail IPA Wisconsin 15 All  
Sierra Nevada Glissade Golden Bock California 14 Spring  Link
Grain Belt  Gold Lager Minnesota 6 All  
Abita Brewing Golden Louisiana  10 All  
Molson Golden Canada 4 All  
Hook and Ladder Brewing Golden Ale Maryland 11 All  
Michelob  Golden Draft Light Missouri 3 All  
Miller Brewing  Golden Draft Light Wisconsin 0 All  
Samuel Adams  Golden Pilsner Massachusetts 11 All  
Summit Grand (now Pilsener)  Minnesota 9 Summer  
Summit Great Northern Porter Minnesota 16 All  
Blue Moon (Coors) Harvest Moon Colorado 11 Fall Link
Portland Brewing Haystack Black Porter Oregon 15 All  
Left Hand Brewing Haystack Wheat Colorado 15 Summer  
Rockies Brewing  Hazed & Infused Ale Colorado 15 All  
Longshot (Boston Beer Co) Hazelnut Brown ??? 3 All  
Bergoff Brewing  Heartland Hefeweizen Wisconsin 11 Summer  
Two Brothers Heavy Hearted IPA Illinois  16 All  
Oregon (Boston Beer Co) Hefe Weizen Ohio 10 Summer  
Paulaner Hefe Weizen Germany 18 Summer  
Pyramid Hefe Weizen Washington 13 Summer  
Red Hook Hefe Weizen Washington 14 Summer  
Summit Hefe Weizen Minnesota 11 Summer  
Widmer Brothers Hefe Weizen Oregon 15 Summer  
Franziskaner  Hefe-Weiss Dunkel  Germany 13 Summer  
Franziskaner  Hefe-Weiss Hell Germany 16 Summer Link
Bert Grant's Hefeweizen Washington 12 Summer  
Saranac Hefeweizen New York 9 Summer  
Shiner Hefeweizen Texas 13 Summer  
Surly Brewing  Hell Minnesota 14 All Link
Brewery Ommegang Hennepin Farmhouse Saison New York 16 Summer Link
Miller Brewing  High Life Wisconsin 3 All  
Samuel Adams  Holiday Porter Massachusetts 15 All Link
Portland Brewing Honey Ale Oregon 8 All  
Sleeman Breweries  Honey Brown Lager Canada 12 All  
Blue Moon (Coors) Honey Moon Summer Ale Colorado 8 Summer Link
Goose Island Honker Ale Illinois 13 All  
Victory Brewing Hop Devil Ale Pennsylvania 14 All  
Oregon (Boston Beer Co) Hop Harvest Ale Ohio 10 Fall  
Anderson Valley  Hop Ottin' IPA California 15 All  
Tyranena Brewing  Hop Whore Imperial IPA Wisconsin 16 All  
Bells Hopslam Michigan 19 Winter Link
Southern Tier Brewing Hopsun Wheat  New York 12 Summer  
New Belgium Brewing Hoptober Golden Ale Colorado 14 Fall Link
Summit Horizon Red Ale  Minnesota 14 All Link
Brau Brothers Brewing  Hundred Yard Dash Minnesota 16 All  
Two Brothers Iditarod Imperial Stout Illinois  13 All  
Mendocino Brewing  Imperial IPA California 16 Winter  
Summit Imperial Pumpkin Porter Minnesota 16 Fall  
Flying Dog In Heat Wheat  Maryland 16 Summer Link
Summit India Style Rye Ale Minnesota 15 All  
Avery Brewing IPA Colorado 15 All  
Big Sky Brewing IPA Montana 14 All  
Full Sail IPA Oregon  16 All  
Goose Island IPA Illinois 13 All  
Harpoon Brewery IPA Massachusetts 14 All  
Lagunitas Brewing Company IPA California 14 All  
Lakefront Brewery  IPA Wisconsin 14 All  
Oregon (Boston Beer Co) IPA Ohio 14 All  
Pike IPA Washington 13 All  
Portland Brewing IPA Oregon 15 All  
Pyramid IPA Washington 15 All  
Red Hook IPA Washington 15 All  
Saranac IPA New York 10 All  
Stone Brewing Co. IPA California 14 All  
Summit IPA Minnesota 14 All  
Tallgrass Brewing  IPA Kansas 14 All  
Wild Goose IPA Maryland 15 All  
Smithwick's Irish Ale Ireland 15 All  
Finnegans  Irish Amber Minnesota 10 All  
Killian's  Irish Honey Colorado 5 All  
Killian's  Irish Red Colorado 8 All  
Beamish Irish Stout Ireland 13 All  
Murphy's Irish Stout Ireland 15 All  
Odell Brewing Isolation Ale Colorado 14 Winter  
Left Hand Brewing Jackman Pale Ale Colorado 12 All  
Deschutes Brewing Jubelale Oregon 15 Winter  
Flying Dog K-9 Cruiser Winter Ale Maryland 14 Winter Link
Highland Brewing Co Kashmir IPA North Carolina 17 All  
Sierra Nevada Kellerweis Hefeweizen California 16 Summer  
Goose Island Kigali Red Ale Illinois 14 All  
Lakefront Brewery  Klisch Pilsner Wisconsin 12 All  
Alaskan Brewing  Kolsch Alaska 14 Summer  
Summit Kolsch Minnesota 14 Summer  
Tabernash Kristall Weiss Colorado 11 Summer  
Birra Moretti  La Rossa Italy 9 All  
Corona Lager Mexico 10 Summer  
Harbin Brewing Lager China 8 All  
Hurricane Reef Lager Florida 9 All  
Kokanee  Lager Canada 6 All Link
Logjam Brewing Lager Wisconsin 11 All  
Moosehead Lager Canada 11 All  
Original Friars Lager ??? 12 All  
Peroni Lager Italy 8 All  
Schlitz Lager Wisconsin? 8 All  
Sleeman Breweries  Lager Canada 8 All  
Stella Artois Lager Belgium 11 All  
Tecate Lager Mexico 9 All  
Tiger Brewing Lager Singapore 8 All  
Tsingtao Lager China 7 All  
Bells Lager of the Lakes Michigan 14 All  
Red Hook Late Harvest Autumn Ale Washington 13 Fall  
Minhas Brewery Lazy Mutt Farmhouse Ale Wisconsin 10 All  
Amstel Light Netherlands 9 All Link
Beck's Light Germany 6 All  
Saranac Light New York 8 All  
Steamworks Brewery  Lizard Head Red Colorado 14 All  
Arcadia London Porter Michigan 15 All  
Rush River Brewing  Lost Arrow Porter Wisconsin 15 All  
Full Sail LTD Lager Oregon  13 All  
Schell's Mai Fest Minnesota 12 Spring Link
Summit Maibock Minnesota 10 Spring  
Fort Collin's Brewing Major Tom's Pomegranate Wheat  Colorado 14 Summer  
St Croix Beer  Maple Ale Minnesota 12 All  
Pete's Maple Porter Texas 11 All  
Dave's BrewFarm Matacabras Ale Wisconsin 13 All  
Lagunitas Brewing Company Maximus Ale California 17 All  
Goose Island Mild Winter Illinois 16 Winter  
Lift Bridge Brewery  Minnesota Tan Minnesota 16 Summer  
Deschutes Brewing Mirror Pond Pale Ale Oregon 15 All Link
Rogue Brewing Mocha Porter Oregon 15 All  
Jurand Mocne Poland 8 All  
New Glarus Brewing  Moon Man No Coast Pale Ale Wisconsin 16 All  
Big Sky Brewing Moose Drool Brown Ale Montana 14 All  
New Belgium Brewing Mothership Wit Colorado 14 Summer  
Paulaner Munich Germany 12 All Link
Hacker-Pschorr Munich Gold Lager Germany 12 All  
Modelo Negra Modelo Mexico  9 All  
Rockies Brewing  Never Summer Ale  Colorado 14 Summer  
Avery Brewing New World Porter Colorado 15 All  
Samuel Adams  Noble Pils Massachusetts 14 Spring Link
Grain Belt  Nordeast Minnesota 9 All Link
Leinenkugel's Northwood's Lager Wisconsin 6 All  
Point Brewery Nude Beach Summer Wheat Wisconsin 11 Summer Link
Full Sail Nut Brown Ale Oregon  14 All  
Goose Island Nut Brown Ale Illinois 13 All  
Oregon (Boston Beer Co) Nut Brown Ale Ohio 13 All  
Red Hook Nut Brown Ale Washington 15 All  
Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale UK 16 All Link
South Shore Brewery Nut Brown Ale Wisconsin 12 All  
Boulevard Brewing Nutcracker Ale Kansas 12 Winter  
Tallgrass Brewing  Oasis Ale Kansas 16 All Link
Breckenridge Brewing Oatmeal Stout Colorado 15 All  
Goose Island Oatmeal Stout Illinois 15 All  
Hub City Brewing  Oatmeal Stout Iowa 13 All  
Oasis Oatmeal Stout Colorado 14 All  
Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout UK 16 All Link
Young's Oatmeal Stout UK 15 All  
Bells Oberon Ale Michigan 13 Summer Link
Beck's Oktoberfest Germany 9 Fall  
Bells Oktoberfest Michigan 13 Fall Link
Capital Brewery Oktoberfest Wisconsin 13 Fall  
Full Sail Oktoberfest Oregon  14 Fall  
Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfest Germany 10 Fall  
Hofbrau Munchen Oktoberfest Germany 9 Fall  
Leinenkugel's Oktoberfest Wisconsin 12 Fall Link
Samuel Adams  Oktoberfest Massachusetts 13 Fall Link
Saranac Oktoberfest New York 12 Fall  
Schell's Oktoberfest Minnesota 11 Fall Link
Spaten Oktoberfest Germany 11 Fall Link
Summit Oktoberfest Minnesota 13 Fall Link
Tabernash Oktoberfest Colorado 12 Fall  
Paulaner Oktoberfest Marzen Germany 14 Fall Link
Avery Brewing Old Jubilation Ale Colorado 16 Winter  
Southern Tier Brewing Old Man Winter Ale New York 14 Winter  
Lake Superior Brewing  Old Man Winter Warmer Minnesota 15 Winter  
Morland Old Speckled Hen Ale UK 15 All  
Shipyard Brewing  Old Thumper Ale Maine 13 All  
Spaten Optimator Germany 13 All  
Lakefront Brewery  Organic ESB Wisconsin 15 All  
Sleeman Breweries  Original Dark Canada 12 All  
Widmer Brothers Original Drifter Pale Ale  Oregon 16 All Link
Modelo Pacifico Mexico  11 All  
Bells Pale Ale Michigan 16 All  
Breckenridge Brewing Pale Ale Colorado 13 All  
Hub City Brewing  Pale Ale Iowa 11 All  
Lake Superior Brewing  Pale Ale Minnesota 15 All  
Oak Creek Brewing Pale Ale Arizona 14 All  
Oasis Pale Ale Colorado 14 All  
Point Brewery Pale Ale Wisconsin 10 All  
Pyramid Pale Ale Washington 14 All  
Rolling Rock Pale Ale Pennsylvania 6 All  
Saranac Pale Ale New York 8 All  
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale California 16 All  
Smuttynose Brewing  Pale Ale New Hampshire 17 All  
Hurricane Reef Pale Ale  Florida 11 All  
San Miguel Pale Pilsen Philippines 7 All  
Marston's  Pedigree Pale Ale UK 12 All  
Tommy Knocker Pick Axe Pale Ale  Colorado 14 All Link
Schell's Pils Minnesota 8 All  
König  Pilsener   Germany 9 All  
Constancia  Pilsener of El Salvador El Salvador 9 All  
Carlsberg Pilsner Denmark 11 All  
Cerveza La Tropical Pilsner Cuba (Florida) 8 All  
Full Sail Pilsner Oregon  13 All  
Hansa Brewery Pilsner Norway 11 All  
Pig's Eye Pilsner Minnesota 8 All  
Pilsner Urquell Pilsner Czech Republic 13 All Link
Widmer Brothers Pitch Black IPA Oregon 11 All  
Left Hand Brewing Polestar Pilsner Colorado 13 All  
Bells Porter Michigan 15 All  
Founders Brewery Porter Michigan 16 All  
Sierra Nevada Porter California 16 All  
Smuttynose Brewing  Portsmouth Lager New Hampshire 14 All  
Big Sky Brewing Powder Hound Winter Ale Montana 13 Winter  
Two Brothers Prairie Path Golden Ale Illinois  9 Summer  
Bitburger  Premium Beer Germany 10 All Link
Grolsch Premium Lager Netherlands 11 All  
Kingfisher  Premium Lager India 9 All Link
XXX Premium Red ??? -3 All  
Victory Brewing Prima Pils Pennsylvania 13 Summer  
Haacht Brewing Primus Belgium 9 All  
Sprecher Pub Ale Wisconsin 13 All  
Pete's Pub Lager Texas 8 All  
Colonial Brewing (Gluek) Pub Pint Pale Ale Minnesota 9 All  
Shipyard Brewing  Pumpkinhead Ale Maine 8 Fall Link
Abita Brewing Purple Haze Wheat Louisiana  12 Summer  
Bear Republic Brewery Racer 5 IPA California 15 All  
New Belgium Brewing Ranger IPA Colorado 16 All Link
Founders Brewery Red Rye PA  Michigan 17 All  
Mendocino Brewing  Red Tail Ale California 15 All  
Yellowstone Valley Renegade Red Montana 13 All  
Goose Island Reserve Matilda Illinois 15 All  
Lakefront Brewery  Riverwest Stein Beer Wisconsin 13 All  
Fort Collin's Brewing Rocky Mountain IPA Colorado 14 All  
Pyramid Rye Ale Washington 17 All  
Bells Rye Stout Michigan 13 All  
Rogue Brewing Santa's Private Reserve Oregon 15 Winter  
Left Hand Brewing Sawtooth Ale Colorado 13 All  
Summit Scandia Minnesota 13 Summer  
Big Sky Brewing Scapegoat Pale Ale Montana 14 All  
Schell's Schmaltz Alt Minnesota 13 All  
Köstritzer  Schwarzbier Germany 8 All  
Arcadia Scotch Ale Michigan 13 All  
Brau Brothers Brewing  Scotch Ale Minnesota 15 All  
Tyranena Brewing  Scurvy IPA Wisconsin 14 All  
Mendocino Brewing  Select Ale California 14 All  
Full Sail Session Lager Oregon  12 All Link
Carlton & United  Sheaf Stout Australia 13 All  
Brau Brothers Brewing  Sheep Head Ale Minnesota 17 All  
Tyranena Brewing  Sheep Shagger Scotch Ale Wisconsin 13 Winter  
Central Waters Brewing Shine On Wisconsin 13 All  
Michelob  Shock Top Belgian White Missouri 11 Summer Link
Saranac Single Malt Ale New York 12 All  
Lake Superior Brewing  Sir Duluth Oatmeal Stout Minnesota 15 All  
New Belgium Brewing Skinny Dip  Colorado 10 Summer Link
Big Sky Brewing Slow Elk Oatmeal Stout Montana 16 All Link
Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA Maryland 13 All Link
Potosi Brewing  Snake Hollow IPA Wisconsin 13 All  
Pyramid Snow Cap Ale Washington 16 Winter  
Schell's Snow Storm Minnesota 11 Winter  
Uinta Brewing Solstice Kolsch Ale Utah 11 Summer  
Anchor Brewing Special Ale California 13 All  
Bells Special Double Cream Stout Michigan 16 All  
Point Brewery Special Lager Wisconsin 8 All  
New Glarus Brewing  Spotted Cow Ale Wisconsin 11 All Link
New Belgium Brewing Springboard Ale Colorado 14 Spring  
Great Divide St. Brigid's Porter Colorado 15 All  
Ambelside St. Cloud Wheat Minnesota 13 Summer  
Mantorville Brewing Stagecoach Amber Ale Minnesota 14 All  
Mantorville Brewing Stagecoach Golden Ale Minnesota 12 Summer  
Mad River Brewing  Steelhead Double IPA California  16 All  
Guinness Stout Ireland 15 All  
Lion Brewery Stout Sri Lanka 13 All  
Saranac Stout New York 12 All  
Sierra Nevada Stout California 16 All  
Pete's Strawberry Blonde Texas 7 Summer  
Portland Brewing Summer Ale Oregon 10 Summer  
Samuel Adams  Summer Ale Massachusetts 12 All Link
Pete's Summer Brew Texas 12 Summer  
Breckenridge Brewing Summer Bright Ale Colorado 12 Summer  
Big Sky Brewing Summer Honey Ale Montana 13 Summer Link
Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy Wisconsin 11 Summer Link
Widmer Brothers Summerbrau Oregon 11 Summer  
Sierra Nevada Summerfest California 13 Summer  
Goose Island Summertime Ale Illinois 15 Summer  
Red Hook Sun Rye Ale Washington 10 Summer  
Victory Brewing Sunrise Weisbier Pennsylvania 14 Summer  
Key West Brewing Sunset Ale Florida 10 All  
Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat Wisconsin 14 Summer Link
Asahi Brewing Super Dry Japan 6 All  
San Miguel Super Dry Philippines 8 All  
San Miguel Superior Philippines 8 All  
Rockies Brewing  Sweaty Betty Colorado 12 Summer  
Logjam Brewing Swede Saw Red Wisconsin 9 All  
Grand Teton Brewing Co. Sweetgrass IPA Idaho 13 All  
Spanish Peaks Sweetwater Wheat Montana 9 Summer  
Minhas Brewery Swiss Amber Wisconsin 7 All  
Bells Third Coast Beer Michigan 11 All  
Furthermore Brewing Three Feet Deep Stout Wisconsin 16 All  
Pyramid Thunderhead IPA Washington 12 All  
Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA California 14 All Link
New Glarus Brewing  Totally Naked Wisconsin 9 All  
Oregon (Boston Beer Co) Trail Stash Amber Ale Ohio 10 All  
New Belgium Brewing Trippel Belgian Style Ale Colorado 11 All Link
Sierra Nevada Tumbler Autumn Brown Ale California 15 Fall Link
Abita Brewing Turbodog Louisiana  12 Summer  
Deschutes Brewing Twilight Summer Ale Oregon 14 Summer  
Bells Two Hearted Ale Michigan 17 All Link
Portland Brewing Uncle Otto Oktoberfest Oregon 8 Fall  
Rush River Brewing  Unforgiven Amber Wisconsin 17 All  
Park and Bellheimer Valentins Hefeweissbier Germany